Prince William Went Running in Central Park and Literally No One Noticed

Prince William Went Running in Central Park and Literally No One Noticed

In case you happened to be in Central Park on Tuesday morning: if you saw a super fancy looking man jogging (and presumably trailed by a bunch of intense looking bodyguards), no, you're not hallucinating. That was Prince William.

Wills has been visiting New York City on an official visit, and went on a ~secret run~ in Central Park at 7:00 am. But then he told everyone about said secret run while chatting at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit at the Plaza Hotel saying "I decided to join the hordes of New Yorkers doing their morning routine. It was wonderful waking up in New York on a sunny morning rather than the rain we had yesterday. It was beautiful getting some fresh air this morning."

I mean, my morning routine as a New Yorker involves sleeping through several alarms, chugging coffee, and debating whether it's socially acceptable to wear pajamas out in society, but whatever.

Anyway! William wasn't joined by Kate Middleton on this trip, and according to People, the reason why is simply that Kate's staying back in England to be with the couple’s three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Oh, and a little about the Earthshot Prize before we go. Prince William started it in 2020 as a "catalytic global environment challenge to unleash urgent optimism and action by discovering, accelerating, awarding, spotlighting & scaling solutions to repair & regenerate the planet.”

Also before we go, here's an old picture of William running / frolicking on the beach if you need a visual.

william beach rugby ball
Pool/Tim Graham Picture Library - Getty Images

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