Princess Diana Reportedly Told Queen Elizabeth That Prince Charles Was a "Nightmare”

A royal expert says Diana would burst into tears every 20 minutes.

<p>Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images</p>

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

New revelations about Princess Diana and her relationship with now-King Charles are coming to light as editor-in-chief of Majesty Magazine Ingrid Seward promotes her new book, My Mother and I, which chronicles the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Charles. According to Seward, the late Queen Elizabeth knew about the troubles in Diana and Charles's relationship long before the two separated and eventually divorced. It wasn't tough, as the author explains Diana was openly crying to her mother-in-law and calling her then-husband a "nightmare."

"Diana used to go to her private room in between appointments that the Queen had, which were every 20 minutes, and burst into tears," Seward said, per OK! "[She would say] ‘Everybody hates me, mama, and I hate my husband. He’s a nightmare.'"

Seward continued, saying, “The queen would just stand there [horrified], and Diana would be getting more and more hysterical. [The queen] didn’t know how to handle it, but she thought Charles should know how to handle it. That was a very low point in the relationship.” Seward added that Elizabeth “couldn’t understand how” Charles “couldn’t handle” his marriage and the deteriorating relationship with his wife.



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“And [the Queen] didn’t understand, because she didn’t have the experience to understand something like that,” Seward finished. “Remember the cloistered world of the royal family, especially in those days. They didn’t have to ever deal with moral conflict, because there was always someone else to do it for them. If you didn’t want to talk to someone, the switchboard at Buckingham Palace would just not put them through. So, you never had to take on things. And the queen wasn’t used to doing this.”

Charles and Diana got married in 1981, would go on to separate in 1992, and made their divorce final in 1996. Diana passed away in 1997.

<p>Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images</p>

Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

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Seward also explained her thoughts on why the marriage was doomed from the very beginning. She boils it down to how immature they both were when they decided to get married, adding that Diana once told her that if the timing had been slightly different, things may have turned out differently.

“Charles wasn’t a very mature man,” Seward said. “[Diana] was incredibly immature. They were completely unsuited. Diana said many, many, many years later to me, ‘If only we’d met at a different time in our lives.’ Diana was 19 when she met Charles, and she was a very naive 19. She had a fixed idea in her mind of what she thought Charles was, and he wasn’t at all.”

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