Why Princess Diana's engagement ring was 'controversial' to the royal family

Princess Diana’s blue sapphire may be one of the most popular engagement ring of all time, however the royal family reportedly weren’t pleased with her now-iconic bauble.

The 12-carat sapphire ring was a controversial choice for the young royal couple. Image via Getty Images.

According to The Sun, the stunning 12-carat sapphire and white gold band featuring 14 solitaire now worn by The Duchess of Cambridge, was a “controversial” choice back in 1981.

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The ring was designed by Garrard, the crown jeweller, who was inspired by a brooch created for Prince Albert ahead of his 1840 wedding to Queen Victoria. Victoria wore the diamond cluster brooch as her “something blue” on her wedding day.

Kate Middleton proudly displayed the sapphire ring in November 2010, when her engagement to Prince William was announced. Image via Getty Images.

Prior to their engagement, Prince Charles gave Diana a selection of Garrard rings to choose from, angering senior members of his family for not gifting Diana a custom design.

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The ring, then valued at £47,000 was left to Princes William and Harry in Diana’s will after her death in 1997, instructing that her sons decide amongst themselves how to share her collection of jewellery.

The ring is now worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. Image via Getty Images.

Now valued at £393,850, the ring has spawned countless lookalikes by royal-fans opting for something less traditional than the typical diamond engagement ring.

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