Priyanka Chopra debuts the ultimate cool girl haircut for summer 2024

priyanka chopra bob haircut
Priyanka has cut off her hair and my oxygen supplyInstagram

Never failing to provide us with much-appreciated new season hairspiration (try saying that twice as fast), Priyanka Chopra just debuted one of her shortest cuts to date – and it's one that we're hailing as summer 2024's biggest beauty trend. Enter: The juuuust below chin-length bob. Yep, they're back again, people...

In a recently shared Instagram Story, the actor subtly debuted her new haircut alongside the star-studded 'fit worn for her attendance at the Bulgari Aeterna high jewellery brand event in Italy [20 May, 2024]. Though, not to outshine the fashions, Priyanka's new chop took an unannounced back seat to give the bedazzled necklace and off-the-shoulder gown their moments. As the adage goes, when in Rome!

See screenshots of said IG video below:

priyanka chopra bob haircut

There's no denying that Pri looks, in equal parts, chic, gorgeous and like a movie star donning her monochromatic floor-length dress and of course, that hefty price tag around her neck. However, we must admit, that it's the hair that ties the look together. Biased, much? Says the beauty journalist whose job is simply ✨lipstick✨...

priyanka chopra bob
priyanka chopra bob haircut
Elisabetta Villa - Getty Images

Now, as much as we love the cut and length itself, the style, too, is what adds to that Old Hollywood je ne sais quoi. Bringing body and texture to the root, Priyanka's short lengths have been styled in loose, tousled waves, which have been made that little bit more dramatic with a side parting.

Simply *chef's kiss*.

Using this look as my next in-salon reference pic, HBU?

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