Protocol Schmotocol: The weirdest royal traditions (Make It Reign)

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Yahoo Canada is taking our coverage of all things royal to the next level with our podcast, Make It Reign.

In our latest episode, we’re delving into a list of the weirdest royal rules and traditions.

From what you can eat at a royal dinner (no potatoes, sorry!) to what the Queen signifies with her purse to the reason Prince Philip has to walk two steps behind Queen Elizabeth II, episode 4 is available now on iTunes and Google Play.

Meghan Markle at her first royal appearance as the Duchess of Sussex on May 22. <i>(Getty Images)</i>
Meghan Markle at her first royal appearance as the Duchess of Sussex on May 22. (Getty Images)

A couple of weeks ago, Meghan Markle’s first look as a bonafide royal stirred debate. For an appearance just two days after her wedding to Prince Harry, the Duchess of Sussex stepped out in a pale pink Goat dress (one of Kate Middleton’s favourite brands) and (gasp!) a pair of probably-too-pale nylons.

It’s the first time she’s worn pantyhose to a royal engagement — and it probably wasn’t by choice, either. According to royal rules, all royal women are required to wear the garment for official engagements. And that’s far from the only wardrobe rule.

The royal family has a number of bizarre rules when it comes to everything from what you can eat, to how you have to dress and act, to what you can call each other (not pet names, sorry Boo!) — and that’s just the beginning.

Listen to the latest episode of Make It Reign for a run down of all the most bizarre royal rules.

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