Review: Why Simba's Orion bed frame should be on your wishlist

simba bed frame review
Review: Simba's Orion bed frameSimba Sleep

Mattress-in-a-box brand Simba has a stylish range of bed frames designed to fit together in 10 minutes without the need for tools. But can it live up to these claims? I put Simba's Orion bed frame to the test to find out.

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The aesthetic

Simba has 12 options, including its newer range of customisable storage frames and classic wooden beds.

I opted for the Orion bed — it's a simple design with a slightly curved headboard with subtle tufting, finished in soft quality stain-resistant linen. In keeping with its minimal vibe, it's available in two grey hues. I chose the lighter grey option, which matches the style of my white walls and pale wood bedroom furniture, but it would suit most bedrooms.

The other designs are a little more grand. There's the Melrose, which has a dramatic winged wraparound headboard, and the Didsbury, with a classic Chesterfield-style design. These two are available in bolder shades — I especially love the deep blue and teal options.

The assembly

The bed arrived in several large boxes, and I was immediately dubious about the 10-minute setup claim. Nonetheless, the instructions were clear and easy to understand, and I whizzed through the first part of the assembly. The upholstered pieces slotted together easily and firmly, and it looked like I was comfortably going to hit the goal.

Unfortunately, I had trouble fitting the slats to the frame due to a rogue fixing. I resolved the problem quickly — you can find Simba's customer service details here — but it meant I didn't meet my 10-minute goal.

The feel

This frame was comfy to sleep on and looks great. Paired with my Simba mattress and topper, I slept very well. The slats around the shoulders (which see the most movement during the night) are narrower, with extra cushioning, while those around the lumbar area (your lower back) are firmer and wider, designed to provide more support.

I would say it has a less firm base than the Emma Mattress bed frame; if you like a softer bed, this is the one to choose. The Emma should be your choice if you want a firm feel.

Take note

This base is very low to the ground. It creates a stylish, modern feel when assembled, but it meant that my under-bed boxes no longer fit. I opted to raise the bed onto some risers for a quick fix, but if you're going to invest, make sure you've got some narrow under-bed boxes to enjoy the aesthetic properly — or store your bedding elsewhere!

Simba bed frame review: The verdict

Overall, I'd recommend this bed frame. It's seriously comfy and still looks fresh out of the box. After switching my previous frame for a top-quality option, I've realised the difference a well-constructed frame can make — so if you've splurged on a new mattress, it's worth investing.

Stylish, chic, comfortable and top-quality engineering: this frame wins on those points – but don't hang too heavily onto the 10-minute setup time.

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