Queen Camilla Hosts Reception the Day After King Charles Is Discharged from Hospital

As three senior royals (King Charles, Prince William, and Kate Middleton) are absent from public duties, Queen Camilla is continuing to hold engagements. A day after the King was released from the hospital following his prostate surgery, the Queen hosted a reception at Windsor Castle to celebrate the centenary of Queen Mary's Dolls' House.

According to the Royal Collection Trust, "The Dolls’ House was built between 1921 and 1924 as a gift from the nation to Queen Mary following the First World War. It is a perfect 1:12 scale replica of an Edwardian-style residence – complete with electricity, working lifts and running water – and is filled with contributions from over 1,500 of the finest artists, craftspeople, and manufacturers of the day."

britain royals
Camilla takes in the collection of miniature books.KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH - Getty Images

The library in the house feature miniature books handwritten by leading writers of the day—and to celebrate the 100 year anniversary, twenty new tiny manuscripts have been penned and decorated. Among the contributors are Julia Donaldson, Bernardine Evaristo, Anthony Horowitz, Elif Shafak, Camilla's son Tom Parker Bowles, and more.

"Writing a miniature story for Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House library was both fascinating and deeply inspiring," Shafak said. "It made me appreciate not only the magic of words, carried throughout the centuries, but also the delicate work of writers and poets, artisans and artists, bookbinders and carpenters, past and present. I loved the way this unique project brings together hearts and disciplines, weaving literature and history and art, offering a welcoming space, a warm home, for everyone who values the art of storytelling."

Queen Camilla herself even contributed a mini book. "These new books highlight the incredible richness of twenty-first century Literary talent – and demonstrate how fortunate we are to have access to so many outstanding writers, whose work brings joy, comfort, laughter, companionship and hope to us all, opening our eyes to others’ experiences and reminding us that we are not alone," she said in a statement.

britain royals
Glenn Bartley, head of the Royal Bindery, shows a miniature book, written by Queen Camilla, during a reception at Windsor Castle.KIRSTY WIGGLESWORTH - Getty Images

At Windsor Castle today, the Queen celebrated the authors, illustrators, and binders who were involved in the new Miniature Library collection. Visitors to Windsor Castle can view the Dolls House, and the new books, as part of the tour.

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