Queen Camilla Will Get a Little-Used New Title When Prince William Becomes King

Queen Camilla Will Get a Little-Used New Title When Prince William Becomes King

Queen Camilla has gone through several title changes in a pretty short span of time: First she was Duchess Camilla due to being the wife of then-Prince Charles. And then once Queen Elizabeth passed away, she started being referred to as Queen Consort Camilla—with emphasis on the consort—presumably to show respect to Queen Elizabeth and make it clear that she didn't hold any sovereign power. But nowadays the whole ~consort~ thing has been dropped, and she's straight-up going by Queen Camilla. But even this will change should Camilla outlive her husband King Charles!

Once Prince William becomes King, his wife Kate Middleton will take up the role of Queen Consort—and likely be known as either Queen Kate or Queen Catherine (depending on how fancy the vibes are). So, where does that leave Queen Camilla?

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According to The Mirror, she will officially be known as the Queen Dowager.

We dig into alllll the different types of Queen titles this way, but TLDR; a Queen Dowager is the official name for a widow of a king. If Camilla becomes a Queen Dowager, she'll retain all the importance and perks of her previous position as the consort, just without the title. She'll also likely be referred to as "The Queen Dowager," similarly to how Queen Elizabeth's mother was referred to as "The Queen Mother." Note: Queen Elizabeth's mother was technically also a queen dowager, but wasn't styled as such. Camilla won't be known as "Queen Mother" because she's not the biological mother of England's future monarch!

The last Queen styled as Queen Dowager was Queen Adelaide (the wife of King William IV), who used the title in 1837 after her husband passed away and Queen Victoria ascended the throne. In case you were wondering!

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