Queen Camilla Worries King Charles Is Working Too Hard Amid Cancer Treatment

"He wants to keep cracking on, but she is afraid that doing too much could set him back.”

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Despite King Charles's cancer diagnosis, he shows no intention of slowing down now that he's back to performing royal duties. But with event after event coming up over the next few months, Queen Camilla is worried that her husband isn't pacing himself, which could have a negative effect on his health.

Though Charles has been back at his public-facing responsibilities for less than 30 days (he returned on April 30), The Daily Beast reports that Camilla is trying her best to encourage the monarch to take it easy while he recovers from cancer. “She has been trying to encourage him to slow down,” a source told the outlet. “Of course, he wants to keep cracking on, but she is afraid that doing too much could set him back.”



Charles, however, has an entirely different plan in mind. "There is no sign of him easing off the accelerator,” the source added. “If anything, he is even more determined to pack as much in as he can.” It shows in his calendar of events—Charles most recently attended the Chelsea Flower Show in London on May 20, and over the next few weeks, is scheduled to attend Trooping the Colour (his birthday celebration), the Royal Ascot (honoring Queen Elizabeth), and visit France for U.K. ceremonies marking the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

“Of course, he should slow down, but, as anyone who knows him will tell you, he is not going to,” a second source told The Daily Beast. “He spent 70 years as the first in line to the throne, and he is determined to do the job as best he can for whatever time remains to him.”

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A large part of the reason why sources believe Charles is moving full speed ahead is break the stigma facing cancer patients. The second source added that Charles "has made no secret of the fact that he still has cancer and is still getting treated for it, but I think he wants to raise awareness of the reality that cancer is something that a lot of people live with and make the best of. Morale is a huge factor when you have cancer, and he is making the best of it in his own way. Being King is what he was born to do.”



While Camilla has not directly expressed her concerns about Charles in a public way, she did hint at his inability to take it easy. While attending the garden party at Lamb House in Rye on May 16, Camilla told guests that Charles is "getting better," royal reporter Roya Nikkhah revealed in a tweet posted to X. She added, "Well, he would if he behaved himself."

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