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Royal fashion etiquette

The future-royal during her first public appearance alongside the Queen for the 2018 Commonwealth Day service at Westminster Abbey, on Monday. (Photos by Getty)

What are the Queen's fashion rules?

While Meghan Markle has shown she’s in no rush to adopt royal fashion etiquette — the bride-to-be was in tip-top form during her first public appearance with the Queen on Monday.

Though she’s snubbed the royal tradition thus far, Markle slid into a pair of nude pantyhose for the 2018 Commonwealth Day service alongside Her Royal Highness at Westminster Abbey — proving she’ll play be every part the princess when the occasion calls.

“I think we’ll see a gradual change in Meghan’s style over time to conform to those [royal] elements,” royal correspondent Victoria Arbiter recently told Insider. “At the same time, I think what everyone loves about her is her own personal unique style. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find the balance.”

Fingers crossed. Royal wardrobes have long been determined by a strict protocol, which is why Kate Middleton always carries a clutch and why Princess Diana never wore gloves.

From skirt length to nail polish colour — we take a closer look at the fashion expectations that rule the royal family. Click through the gallery to see what the American future-royal is in for.

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