Race Across the World contestant tearfully asks camera operator for hug after sister opens up on struggles

There were emotional scenes on Wednesday’s episode (22 May) of Race Across the World, as brother and sister James and Betty opened up to each other after a tough few days with limited sleep and food.

Contestants on the BBC One show have been speeding across countries including Japan and South Korea in order to reach the final destination of Lombok in the Indonesian archipelago of Lesser Sunda.

Betty revealed last night that she was diagnosed with MRKH Syndrome (Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser) at the age of 16, saying: “It means I don’t have a uterus, I don’t have a womb, and I only have one kidney as well.”

James became emotional as he listened to his sister talk about her struggles, and as he addressed the camera on his own later on, he broke down in tears and asked: “Can somebody just hug me please?”