Rainbow the dog gives birth at NC shelter. See her 7 cute pups — with colorful names

Rainbow the dog gave birth at a shelter — and now, her seven adorable puppies have colorful names.

The babies — “Burgundy, Umber, Chartreuse, Gold, Turquoise, Indigo, and Violet” — will go up for adoption around June. For now, the pups in the all-girl litter are “thriving,” a North Carolina animal organization wrote on Facebook and in an email to McClatchy News.

Photos from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) of Wake County show the adorable sisters snuggling together near their mom.

“We’ve seen a lot of puppy litters over the years, but I can’t remember ever seeing one this large that was all female,” Samantha Ranlet, an SPCA spokesperson, told McClatchy News in an April 9 email. “Those are quite long odds. It makes the whole rescue just a little extra special.”

Rainbow’s journey with the Raleigh-area SPCA reportedly started when she was surrendered to a different North Carolina shelter on March 27. A few days later, the mixed-breed dog welcomed her litter of girls — making for “the world’s cutest estrogen-fest.”

“Rainbow went into labor and gave birth overnight to seven puppies right there in her kennel,” the SPCA wrote. “The shelter staff found them the next morning when they came in.”

The shelter didn’t have a quiet space for Rainbow to care for her little ones, so the family was transferred to the SPCA’s foster program.

Rainbow’s pups are expected to go up for adoption in a few months.
Rainbow’s pups are expected to go up for adoption in a few months.

“The puppies were just 2-3 days old and about the size of a potato,” the animal organization wrote. “Very shortly after their arrival, the whole family was moved to a volunteer foster home that specializes in helping mom dogs raise their newborn puppies.”

The puppies won’t go up for adoption until they can live on their own. Rainbow — a “sweet, attentive mom” believed to be about 1 year old — also will need a home in a couple of months.

“She’s a gentle soul and clearly has a big heart,” the SPCA wrote. “She’ll make a wonderful companion for her future family.”

More details about the organization’s adoption process can be found at spcawake.org.

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