Ramen Seasoning Packets Take Deviled Eggs To New Flavor Heights

Deviled eggs
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There are many popular deviled egg seasoning options like paprika, cayenne pepper, and chili powder. Something you may have never considered, however, is using ramen noodle packets. The Kitchn's Stephanie Ganz proved the deliciousness of this combination after texting a friend for some flavor direction. Mind blown, she tried the method with a slew of foods including deviled eggs. Ganz seasoned six eggs using half of a pack of Korean Nongshim Shin Ramen seasoning, explaining that the seasoning added a "spicy beefiness" to the dish.

Thomas G, a YouTuber with 16,000 subscribers, also sang the praises of ramen-seasoned deviled eggs. In a video, the YouTube creator added lime chili shrimp seasoning to a mixture of kewpie mayo and mustard. Amazon reviewers describe this seasoning as spicy with a prominent lime flavor. The chili complements deviled eggs much like paprika does due to the spices' similar earthy tastes. Many recipes add lime to deviled eggs to give them a hint of tang.

Because there are oodles of ramen flavors, there are several other combinations that pair well with deviled eggs.

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Other Deviled Egg Seasoning Ideas

Ramen packets
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One option for pairing ramen seasoning and deviled eggs is using the soy sauce flavor as soy sauce is a common marinade for Asian deviled eggs. Asian deviled eggs can include miso among their fillings as well as yolks and mayonnaise from the traditional deviled egg recipe. Regardless of the recipe you choose, soy sauce adds a savory, sweet, and salty flavor. When it comes to dipping sauces, it's already popular to mix soy sauce with mayonnaise and mustard individually. This recipe proves that mayonnaise, mustard, and soy sauce can intertwine beautifully.

If you're the type to add a bit of meat to your eggs, opt for the Top Ramen chicken flavor. Believe it or not, adding small pieces of chicken to your usual mayonnaise and mustard mix isn't unheard of. Some people even throw in some hot sauce for additional flavor. According to Amazon reviewers, the chicken flavor tastes savory and simple.

Adding ramen mix to your deviled eggs works because the traditional toppings for deviled eggs have a stellar ability to soak up additional flavors. There are many other options to explore, so we recommend you begin soon.

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