Ramy Youssef Says US Should Elect a Trans Woman President Since She’d Have Experience With ‘Real Change’| Video

Ramy Youssef hosted “Saturday Night Live” this weekend and left little unturned in his opening monologue. Impressively, the comedian and actor was able to joke about everything from being Muslim in a Donald Trump-enthused upstate New York, working the Joe Biden campaign and nominating a trans woman for president.

“Like, imagine her speech. It would be so inspiring,” he joked. “She would be like, ‘A lot of politicians talk about change’ — like, you can see the bumper sticker, right? ‘Real change,'” he said.

Youssef kicked things off by explaining that we are experiencing an “incredibly spiritual weekend” that includes Ramadan, Easter and the release of Beyoncé’s new album. “There are just so many religions celebrating at once,” he said.

From there, he shared that he’d recently performed in upstate New York, and while exploring the area where he performed, he noticed “all this Trump stuff — flags, red hats. I was like, ‘Yo, I went north … but I’m south.'”

“I could feel it, I could feel the fear when my mom called me. I didn’t want to speak Arabic. She was like, ‘As-salamu alaykum, habibi,’ and I was like, ‘Mother, peace be upon you.'”

Things are heightened, Youssef continued, because this year is an election year. “That’s when you can feel it, because everyone’s freaking out. And for me, where I’m at now, I know Biden’s going to call. I know he’s going to call. I mean, he’ll probably forget, but I think somebody will call.”

“Like in 2020, I got a call from Muhammad at Biden,” he added. “You know they thought that was so cool. Like Ben was going to call, and they were like, ‘No, no, no, let Muhammad do it. Ramy’s going to like that, that habibi energy.”

“He goes, ‘Ramy, habibi, we love you. We love everything that you’ve done for Arab America.’ He said it like it was a country. He goes, ‘Everyone on the campaign is such a big fan of your work, and Joe’s aware,'” Youssef continued. “That’s huge, right, because Joe has an awareness issue.”

The comedian then riffed on how “Joe looks good when he’s aware” and the days when he’s in public and appears “thawed.”

“They gave him an extra 10 in the microwave, he’s just lit up. He looks good,” Youssef said. “And he says stuff, and it’s inspiring. It doesn’t mean anything, but it’s like, America — it’s good.”

That’s when Youssef said that he believes the next U.S. president should be a trans woman and that he’s “been thinking about her.”

“She puts up a before and after and she’s like, ‘I could do that for the country,'” Youssef joked. “It’s just an idea.”

Watch Youssef’s full “SNL” monologue in the video above.

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