"The Reality Couldn't Be Further From The Stereotypes": Travelers Are Sharing The Surprising Realizations They Had About Popular Destinations

One of the most exciting things about traveling is that every trip is full of surprises. When you visit a new destination, you're bound to experience new things you never expected — for better or for worse. So, here are some surprising things about popular destinations around the world, according to Redditors and members of the BuzzFeed Community who love to travel.

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1."I went to Spain when I was 15. My dad ordered a beer, and the waiter looked at me and asked, 'Two?' I was totally shocked. My brother was allowed to drink on the trip since he was 18. No one ever asked for his ID. It made me realize just how strict drinking laws are in the US."

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2."The gondola ride experience in Venice was definitely not what I expected. It was all smelly water, crashing gondolas, and the 'drivers' cursing each other in Italian. There was nothing romantic about it."

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3."I was surprised that Newfoundland was so wild and beautiful. It knocked my socks off. I figured it would be pretty, but holy smokes, it was like nowhere else I'd seen before."

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4."That Romania is a hidden gem in Europe. So many beautiful castles, museums, and churches. It's ridiculously cheap compared to the rest of Europe, and the food is amazing."

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5."Singapore is unbelievably clean. As soon as I stepped out of the plane, I swear I did not see a single speck of dust at their airport. Even the toilets were squeaky clean. Every day, I went out to explore the city by foot and came back to the hotel with almost no dirt on the soles of my shoes."

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6."When I was visiting Germany, I bought a beer in a convenience store and they offered to open it for me so I could enjoy it on my walk."

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7."New York is exactly as advertised...and that was surprising. Everything I see on TV shows and in movies is exactly the same in real life. I've been to a lot of places, but New York is the only one that exactly matched my expectations."

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8."I lived in South Korea for about three years. I was amazed at how long you could leave your phone, wallet, and keys on an unattended table in a crowded bar, and it would not be stolen. In the US, you bet any valuables are getting taken as soon as you look away."

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9."That certain advantages are given to pregnant people in Portugal. I was pregnant with my daughter when I was there, so I was excited to see that there's special parking, you're allowed to skip the line (I learned this at the car rental), and there's even a special line at customs in the airport!"

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10."The lack of cash transactions in China was startling. Almost every store and vendor — including places like tiny street food markets and produce stalls — use mobile payments instead of cash. You quite literally never had to take out money from an ATM."

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11."That in the southern US, you actually need a car to get anywhere. Having a car doesn't just make life easier; it's nearly impossible to go places without one, even if you're in a major city."

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12."There were heated sidewalks in Finland! This was an absolute lifesaver for me, who had no idea how to walk on ice. There was no trash anywhere, either."

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13."In France, I was surprised by the city of Montpellier. This destination in the south of France was an absolute delight. I only went because I found a bargain fare, but the town was lovely and had nice architecture. It was small enough to walk around but offered a variety of places, bars, and restaurants to visit. There weren't many 'famous' sights, but the experience was much more relaxed and pleasant than a big city trip. Visiting Montepellier sparked my interest in seeing other small, less well-known destinations."

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14."Mexico City is totally different from the stereotypes associated with it. I went expecting the city to be dirty, congested, and unsafe. But that couldn't be further from the truth. Of course, it's a huge city and it depends where you go, but the Mexico City I experienced was clean and had amazing food, lots of galleries, and green space and parks. It's a place I once avoided but ended up being my favorite city in the world, hands down."

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15."I visited Albania and was surprised to discover there wasn't a single chain store or restaurant. It was a strange experience to be in a large city and be completely unable to find a McDonald's, Subway, KFC, or Starbucks."

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16."The food scene in Bologna, Italy was more amazing than I ever expected. It's possibly the best food city in arguably the best food country. I will never forget the tortellini al brodo, tagliatelle al ragù, and panna cotta I had there."

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17."Visiting Banff, Canada literally felt like stepping into a snow globe. It was even more beautiful than the pictures made it seem. I will be going back often."

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18."I was so pleasantly surprised by Georgia. Tbilisi's architecture is mindblowing, and the mountainous areas are like a raw, trapped-in-time version of the Alps. The cuisine is top-tier, especially the cheese-based dishes. And the whole country is cheap."

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19."The landscape of Antigua, Guatemala was absolutely enchanting. I had little to no expectations, but I completely fell in love with the city. There was something about the combination of the cobblestone streets and the surrounding volcanoes that made it feel magical."

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20."In Spain, Granada was the biggest surprise. I was traveling around visiting Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, and all the well-known places, but the city I fell in love with was Granada. There is so much history, cobblestone paths leading to miradors where you can take in views of the whole city, amazing parks, and so much greenery. The food blew my mind (especially the tapas you get for free when you order a drink). I really loved this city and would recommend it to anyone."

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21."Paro, Bhutan was a special surprise. Everything about the country was magical, but this city was truly special. It's set in the middle of a valley laden with rivers, cherry blossoms, rice fields, beautiful monasteries, and dzongs. It's a great place to travel for nature and adventure tourism, thanks to its amazing treks and mountain biking trails. I cannot emphasize how beautiful and wholesome this place is."

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22."Amsterdam was so different from what I was expecting. I thought it would be a shady city after heating about coffeeshops and the famous red light district. One business trip there changed my mind completely. Turns out it is a safe and family-friendly city with so much to offer. I've been back a half a dozen times since and it’s always a good time."

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23."I was blown away by how quiet Japan was. No one talks on public transportation, and there's barely any noise in the streets. There are no horns honking or loud music coming from cars or stores. I learned that being polite and considerate is just a big part of Japanese culture. Case in point: Silent mode on Japanese cellphones is called 'manner mode.'"

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24."When I visited Brussels, I was expecting a relatively quiet government town, but I was really surprised by the city's vibrancy, grit, and diversity. I had some of the best Ethiopian food there, and I loved all the street art and the beautiful plazas."

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25."People talk badly about Pisa, Italy with its touristy areas and busy historical landmarks. But I drove down to the coast and left behind the hustle and bustle. The coast feels like a sleepy beach town where white stones dot the sand along turquoise seas. It was picture-perfect and I loved it there."

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