The Reason Bacon At A Diner Always Tastes Better Than Homemade

Bacon on cutting board
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One of the most delicious parts of breakfast, or any meal for that matter, is bacon. This versatile delight holds a special place in the hearts of many as it can serve as a topping or even be a standalone meal as in a BLT. Yet, when paired with breakfast staples like crispy potatoes, eggs, and toast, or placed on a burger, it has the power to take each meal to a whole new level.

Whenever you happen to whip up some bacon at home, you might have noticed that the same meals ordered at your favorite diner always seem to taste a little better. This might have prompted you to revisit your recipes in an attempt to identify the common denominator. If various adjustments have been attempted without success, here's the variable deserving of some attention: the state of the bacon itself.

The reason bacon from a diner consistently tastes better than homemade bacon is because it's pre-cooked. Surprisingly, this is the secret to achieving a comparable breakfast hit at home. And to get there, you just need a few additional steps.

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The Rationale For Using Pre-Cooked Bacon

Bacon on a rack on cooking sheet
Bacon on a rack on cooking sheet - Tomsmith585/Getty Images

Before you've even ordered your meaty meal at the diner, your bacon is pretty much almost done. Why? It's pre-made to reduce all that fat found in the pig meat. Diner and restaurant chefs usually position the strips on a rack atop a baking sheet and place it in the oven to effectively drain the excess fat. Unlike cooking bacon in a pan where the fat accumulates and leads to soggy, uneven-cooked strips, this method ensures the most desirable results.

If you want to try this yourself, opt for your oven over a pan and always make sure to place each oven-baked bacon slice on a paper towel to let them dry. Finally, wrap your cooked and dry bacon in some plastic wrap for the best results, then refrigerate until you're ready to use them. Not only will the strips come out the same quality as at a diner, but, much like a working chef, you'll be free to tend to other parts of your meal in the meantime.

Another added bonus is that, while your bacon fat collects into the baking sheet in the oven, you can also save the renderings for later use.

More Ways To Improve Your Bacon

Self slice bacon from deli
Self slice bacon from deli - Katarzyna Hurova/Shutterstock

If you thought it couldn't get any better than this new and improved way of cooking bacon, there are still more ideas to make the most incredible bacon results ever. Start by opting for the highest-quality bacon available. If feasible, choose pieces from the meat or deli counter instead of packaged options, as the former tends to have fewer preservatives and more natural meat. Whether it's packaged or from the counter, also always aim for center-cut bacon to ensure less fat and more premium meat.

To enhance the taste even further, it's crucial to cook bacon soon after you purchase it, as it will have better flavor, and avoid using bacon that has been sitting unopened in the package in the fridge for days. Before cooking, give your bacon a sniff to ensure it has a fresh scent and isn't overly smoky, both of which indicate optimal quality. For a personalized touch, consider adding your favorite seasonings before cooking, too.

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