Rebecca Ferguson on viral response to her comments about ‘idiot’ co-star: ‘It’s not my responsibility’

Rebecca Ferguson has responded to the viral reaction to her recent comments about being screamed and sworn at by a former co-star.

In February, the Dune 2 actor, 40, opened up about a time she claims she was once verbally accosted by an “absolute idiot of a co-star” on set of a previous movie. She clarified it was not her The Greatest Showman or Mission: Impossible co-stars Hugh Jackman or Tom Cruise.

Ferguson’s comments prompted an immediate flood of support from fans and former co-stars, including Dwayne Johnson, who wanted to find out the identity of her unnamed aggressor.

Appearing on a new episode of SiriusXM’s The Jess Cagle Show, the Swedish actor said she was “not expecting” such a strong reaction to her story.

“Number one, yes, I kind of enjoyed the grab,” Ferguson admitted. “But what I realised even at the age that I am now is it doesn’t matter. I am me. I definitely think I’m much more open. I also know where my boundaries are. But the point of the interview wasn’t about finding the person – of course, people will be interested. But I was excited about the question, which was a very good question by [Josh Smith].

“Because the point was: Is there a point in your career where you were treated in a way where you changed your decision on – this is how I formulated it in myself – where you want change, or you will not accept it? And it was such a clear moment for me working with this person.”

Ferguson continued: “But I got phone calls from amazing co-stars who I’ve worked with going, ‘You understand what you’ve done, right?’

Rebecca Ferguson (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)
Rebecca Ferguson (Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

“And I was like, ‘Oh my God. No, I didn’t think.’ I mean, it’s not my responsibility, to be honest. I don’t really care. You know, ‘You’re great, but my story is my story, and if you’re a good person, then don’t worry about it.’”

In the original interview on the Reign with Josh Smith podcast, Ferguson described the incident in detail.

“I remember there was a moment and this human being was being so insecure and angry because this person couldn’t get the scenes out. And I think I was so vulnerable and uncomfortable that I got screamed at,” she said.

“But because this person was number one on a call sheet, there was no safety net for me. So no one had my back. And I would cry walking off set.

“This person would literally look at me in front of the whole crew and say ‘You call yourself an actor?’, ‘This is what I have to work with?’, and ‘What the f*** is this?,’ in front of the whole crew.

“I stood there just breaking,” she added.