Reese Witherspoon hits back at critics grossed out by snow-eating video: 'You only live once'

The "Morning Show" actress explained it only snows once a year where she lives — and that her recipe was delicious.

Reese Witherspoon is defending the snow-eating video she shared on TikTok. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)
Reese Witherspoon is defending the snow-eating video she shared on TikTok. (Photo by Gilbert Flores/Variety via Getty Images)

Reese Witherspoon is clapping back at critics.

On Friday, the "Morning Show" actress, 47, took to TikTok with a few follow-up videos addressing some of the critics who were grossed out by her previous post about using snow to create a recipe for what she called a "snow salt chococinno."

In her first response to a comment from someone asking her to let snow melt in a clear cup to see if it's safe to eat, Witherspoon was unclear about any rules regarding eating snow.

"There's so many people on here saying that snow is dirty, so we went and took snow from the backyard and we microwaved it and it's clear," she noted, as she lifted a clear mason jar mug in her video. "Is this bad? Am I not supposed to eat snow?"

Replying to another comment from a person saying fallen snow can be "very dirty from the air," Witherspoon was still undisturbed.

"We're kind of in the category of 'you only live once' and it snows maybe once a year here — I don't know," she said in that clip. "Also, I want to say something: It was delicious."

In her third response in a clip posted on Saturday, Witherspoon explained she grew up doing things that weren't exactly more sanitary than eating snow.

"Talking about the snow not being filtered, I didn't grow up drinking filtered water," Witherspoon shared. "We drank out of the tap. We actually put our mouthes on the tap, and then sometimes in the summer when it was hot, we drank out of the hose. We put our mouthes on the hose growing up. So, filtered water? Maybe that's why I'm like this."

She pondered if people were saying she has to filter snow before consuming it, but then joked that she doesn't know how to do that.

TikTok users came to the "Legally Blonde" star's defence in the comments of her posts, with many people sharing their own memories of doing similar things while growing up.

"Only thing we were taught is don’t eat the yellow snow! That’s it!" one person shared.

"I drank out of the hose, ate snow, and drank out of a mountain creek behind my house. The young people," another recalled, while adding a face palm emoji.

"Grew up the same way. This generation is so afraid of gluten you could mug 'em with a Krispy Kreme," one person added.

"This is not a big deal," commented pediatrician Dr. Zachary Rubin.

In her original post, the mom-of-three noted there was a "ton of snow over the past few days," so her family decided to make a recipe. The clip featured them going outside to scoop snow from a covered grill with two mugs, dressing their desserts with salted caramel and chocolate syrups and then topping it off with cold brew coffee.

However, that drew many comments from people questioning the safety of eating snow.

"No, no, no. Snow is not made to eat. You can get seriously sick," one person commented.

"I thought eating snow was, like, dangerous to our health," another wondered.

"I love you, Reese. Personal anecdote: As someone who grew up in Minnesota, our teachers would always melt snow to show up how dirty it was and not to eat it! Be careful out there," a TikTok user suggested.

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