Renée Rapp proves that sheer hold-ups are the hottest hosiery of the moment

renee rapp sheer hold ups trend
Renée Rapp just nailed the sheer hold-ups trendLeon Bennett - Getty Images

The AW24 edition of Fashion Month might still be in full swing, but a few key trends have already emerged from the catwalks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. Saint Laurent's show earlier this week proved that naked dressing isn't going anywhere, London's cohort of designers went big on the "officecore" aesthetic, while in Milan it was all about high glamour with faux fur coats, statement heels and latex minis at every turn.

But if you're interested in what's hot now, we recommend looking beyond the runways and to the sidewalks of the fashion capitals instead. For it's here that the street style set act as a yardstick for the sartorial mood of the moment – and can be relied upon as a sure-fire prediction of what's coming next, too.

We've noticed some themes come out of all the street style snaps already: the obsession with micro-shorts, Bumper bags and Penny Loafers, to name a few – but, strangely enough, it's in the hosiery department that things have been most experimental of all.

Yep, we're talking about the red tights and sheer, knee-high stockings that absolutely dominated show-goers' wardrobes this season, and that we haven't been able to stop thinking about since.

Trends come and go, of course, and the more out-there ones rarely stick IRL – but we've just received proof that hold-ups are here to stay, in the form of Renée Rapp's fab new photoshoot for The Hollywood Reporter.

The Mean Girls star shared photos from her cover shoot on Instagram, and you'll have to scroll through to the fourth image to see her absolutely *nailing* the hottest hosiery trend of the moment. Showing the world that she's well ahead of the curve, the 24-year-old actress served an epic reveal and conceal look by combining an oversized tailored grey coat with sultry stockings and heels. SO chic!

Although, if you look really closely, you'll notice that Renée's hold-ups are actually styled over her white heels... A whole new level of fashion-forward that we won't be replicating for obvious reasons. We will, however, be immediately adding a few pairs of Calzedonia's cheap as chips knee-highs into our online shopping carts, and experimenting with styling them so that we're more than ready for when this trend inevitably disseminates. Fellow fashionistas: we recommend you do the same.

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