Reneé Rapp says she’s ‘ageist’ against millennial women on ‘unhinged’ press tour

Reneé Rapp says she’s ‘ageist’ against millennial women on ‘unhinged’ press tour

While 2024 has only just begun, Reneé Rapp has already taken the crown for most chaotic press tour. The Mean Girls star has been praised for her completely “unhinged” appearances while promoting the musical adaptation of the 2004 film. Now, she’s turned heads once again with another unexpected comment that she’s “ageist”.

During a recent appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the 24-year-old actor brazenly admitted that she’s ageist.

As she took part in a WWHL segment, the Sex Lives of College Girls actor shared that Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger was “so funny” to her - which comes as a surprise to her since she’s “very ageist”.

Host Andy Cohen questioned what she meant by calling herself ageist, asking Rapp: “You don’t like older people?”

“You just look down on older people? Or don’t care for them?” he added. The “Pretty Girls” singer then doubled-down on her comments when she said: “The driving thing has got to go.”

However, Rapp clarified that it mainly has to do with personal experiences she had in the past with older women. “I just was always, like, the young one in situations and millennial women were always coming for me,” Rapp explained. “And I was like, ‘Shut up’.”

For fans who are familiar with Rapp’s recent press tour antics, it seemed that her “ageist” remark was made in jest. Many people took to X/Twitter, to defend Rapp against critics – claiming that they simply don’t know her sense of humour.

“They don’t get her humour. It was clearly a joke,” one user replied to the viral clip.

“She’s clearly joking in this video,” another person commented, while someone else wrote: “Every moment with her is so unhinged.”

One fan insisted that Rapp’s joke “didn’t land well”, as another questioned whether the Mean Girls star was simply “trying to stay in character for Regina George” during the bit. Still, some people shared their theories as to what Rapp possibly meant by her “ageist” remark.

“Old people talk about young people all the time but as soon as a young person says something they start clutching their pearls,” one fan said on X.

“I think she worded it so awkwardly, what I gathered is that most of the time we are told to respect elders even when they don’t respect you,” another wrote.

Although Rapp has yet to publicly address the mixed responses to her WWHL appearance, the “Talk Too Much” singer is perhaps too busy fielding the praise she’s received for her chaotic Mean Girls press tour. In one now-viral interview, Rapp didn’t hold back when she verbally annihilated a bus tour driver who was apparently mean to her friends.

“There is this man who owns a bus touring company. His name is Buddy and he is such an a**hole, and he was so disrespectful to my friends Priscilla and Bella, who I work with, and to my mother,” Rapp said, as her Mean Girls co-star Christopher Briney looked on in shock. “If you’re watching this, I can’t stand you, and I hope your business burns. You are so disrespectful and so misogynistic. I hate you.”

While appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last week, Rapp professed her longtime love for her Regina George predecessor, Rachel McAdams. As Colbert asked whether she had any “notes” for McAdams, Rapp responded: “Any notes? Date me?”

Plus, when the Mean Girls cast was asked to give their “ins” and “outs” for 2024, Rapp took the opportunity to call out someone else who had wronged her. “My out first is the man that yelled at me this morning at 8am and told me to smile. Go to hell,” she said, with a deadpan expression.

“And also my out is the man that was making a bunch of jokes about women last night at the Golden Globes.”