Restaurant: Impossible Fans Will Want To Know About Robert Irvine's New Show

Robert Irvine speaking into a microphone and looking to the side
Robert Irvine speaking into a microphone and looking to the side - Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

It's been almost one year exactly since "Restaurant: Impossible" was officially pulled from Food Network and fans have been patiently waiting for an update on what the host, chef Robert Irvine, has been working on since the news dropped. Thanks to an exclusive interview by Mashed, we now have a better idea of what his new show is going to look like.

As fans will already know, "Restaurant: Impossible" followed Irvine as he traveled to struggling restaurants with a $10,000 budget and just two days to help the owners turn their business around and make the restaurant profitable. He had an astounding 96% success rate. The reason the show was canceled wasn't entirely clear, though Irvine indicated that the Food Network simply had a different vision for the future of the channel.

The loss of his TV show hasn't stopped Irvine's passion for helping change people's lives for the better and his new show is still going to revolve around the goal of saving struggling businesses. Irvine didn't go so far as to give the title of the show, but he did say that it was already being filmed in the United States in partnership with CBS and Paramount. We can expect more info to emerge in the coming weeks since Irvine hinted that the first episode may drop as early as next month (though delays are an industry norm at this point).

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Television: Impossible

Chef Robert Irvine pointing
Chef Robert Irvine pointing - Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Robert Irvine's lifelong passion for food and helping small businesses succeed adds a nice flavor to the new show's topic. While some fans may have been looking forward to seeing Irvine branch out into new territory, there will be plenty more who will love that they get to continue watching him do what he truly enjoys. The fact that the celebrity chef has decided not to take this opportunity to pivot to new ground just shows that, while food is what he knows best, good entrepreneurship is what he loves most.

We can expect that both of these passions will be on full display in the new show, though there's enough mystery surrounding the details that we could still be in for a surprise or two when the official announcement comes through. This isn't the first time "Restaurant: Impossible" fans have been out of the loop. The show originally started in 2011, but, before its ultimate demise last year, it went off the air for a full three years from 2016 to 2019 with no guarantees that it would ever come back.

While anything is possible, it's unlikely that Food Network will jumpstart the show a third time around. But so long as you have the face of Robert Irvine and a feel-good story about helping small businesses thrive, there's not much that's lost in translation. We'll be keeping our eye out for any new details that may come through.

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