Rihanna shuts down pregnancy rumors amid speculation

Rihanna shuts down pregnancy rumors   (Getty Images)
Rihanna shuts down pregnancy rumors (Getty Images)

Rihanna has shut down speculation that she is pregnant.

Amid recent rumors that she may be expecting her third child, the 36-year-old is setting the record straight on the size of her family. Rihanna – who shares her sons RZA, two, and 10-month-old Riot with A$AP Rocky – spoke to Entertainment Tonight on June 10 during her launch party for Rihanna x Fenty Hair, where she was asked about her dreams of becoming a “girl mom.”

The “Diamonds” singer touched on the previous comment she made during a sit-down with Interview in April. In conversation with Mel Ottenberg, Rihanna had said she would “try for my girl” when asked how many more children she wanted.

“Look how that worked out,” the star performer told Entertainment Tonight. Rihanna was then asked if she wanted to have more children, hopefully a daughter, since she still isn’t a “girl mom.”

“You know what, I hope so. I do,” the Grammy winner admitted before adding: “I’m not pregnant, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Fans began to speculate Rihanna may be pregnant when she bowed out of the 2024 Met Gala last-minute after coming down with the flu. Recently, the A-lister was spotted out in New York City, donning a T-shirt that read, “I’m retired,” and holding a green bag in front of her stomach.

Motherhood has been on Rihanna’s mind since before she gave birth to her two sons. Elsewhere in the April interview with Ottenberg, the “Work” actress confessed she wasn’t surprised by how her life has turned out in terms of having children. In fact, Rihanna has always known she would be a mother one day.

“The only thing that I knew I wanted, or that I could imagine, was motherhood. I didn’t know how it would come, but it is the best part of my journey so far. Everything else was a surprise,” she told Ottenberg.

Rihanna also spoke about her relationship with A$AP, lovingly admitting she knew he was worthy of being the father of her children at the start of their romance.

She confessed: “In previous relationships, I tried and tried and tried my best, and you still feel like it’s not enough.”

“So when someone sees you completely, and believes in you, and thinks you’re worthy of being the mother of their kids, it’s a great feeling. I felt the same about him. I knew he would be a great dad,” Rihanna continued.

The two music icons started officially dating in late 2019. When Covid hit, Rihanna and A$AP spent way more time together, progressing their relationship more than it would have if quarantine didn’t happen.

“Covid sped up our relationship, which I felt like god knew we needed because we were going to start a family. And had it not been for Covid, we would’ve taken a lot more time to get comfortable with each other, to even know that we were ready,” the “Umbrella” vocalist remarked.