Rihanna's new skunk hairstyle has us equal parts confused and in love

Rihanna's new skunk hairstyle has us equal parts confused and in love

Remember last year, during the first quarter of 2023 when everyone was obsessed with the Gemini hair trend? Well, as someone who succumbed to said trend, I remember it very well – t'was a post-lockdown e-girl hair evolution. Alas, this isn't about me, because just short of a year later, one celebrity reviving the look is Rihanna, with her interpretation of the hybrid colour story. Who'd of thought it, hey?

In her most recent Instagram post, RiRi debuted that her very own beauty brand, Fenty Beauty is set to release a new complexion product; "golden hour glow, bottled. our new Soft’Lit luminous foundation is coming 4.26.24," the singer-turned-beauty mogul wrote in the caption of her post.

Now, as excited as we are to try the newness, what had us picking our jaws up off of the floor was Rihanna's skunk hair colour. I mean, it was only just last week that she was Pamela Anderson blonde!

Confused, much?

Well, as shown in the third shot of Rihanna modelling the foundation, it would appear that although her hair has been slicked back into a tight bun, her strands are both a dark brunette and caramel blonde colour. This two-toned blend is what makes for the skunk-look. And TBH, we're so here for it!

Whether or not this is a dated video, the lighting has contributed to the illusion of a dramatic hair change or she simply has taken the Gemini hair plunge, there's no denying that RiRi can pull off just about any look.

Snatched, as always.

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