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Ring’s latest doorbell offers head-to-toe views of your visitor

Battery Doorbell Plus also gets a higher-resolution camera.


Ring may boast that it’s good to monitor when visitors and packages arrive at your front door, but sometimes it’s hard to see everything that’s going on. That’s why the company today announced the Battery Doorbell Plus, its first battery-powered unit with a 150-by-150 degree field of vision and 1536p video. It says that the greatly-increased view of the vertical space will make it easier to get a “head to toe” view of your visitors, as well as better visibility when a driver leaves a box on the floor. Plus, the higher resolution footage will make it easier for users to identify what’s going on when they’re away from home.

Despite claims that this unit has a longer battery life compared to some of its brethren, the Plus does not compromise on features. Users will be able to set the usual alerts for Motion Detection and Privacy Zones, as well as Quick Replies, use Live View and talk to whoever’s at the door. It’s also equipped to support end-to-end encryption, but you’ll have to opt-in if you want to activate it, and you should. Plus, Ring will sell you a subscription package for $4 a month that’ll let you set rich notifications as well as the aforementioned Package Alerts.

The Ring Battery Doorbell Plus is available to pre-order today for $180, with shipping expected to begin on April 5th.