Rita Ora Has Legit Six-Pack Abs In This 🔥 Latex Bra Top On IG

Rita Ora Has Legit Six-Pack Abs In This 🔥 Latex Bra Top On IG
  • Rita Ora just rocked a totally chic look as she preps for tour, wearing a latex bra top and leopard pants in a new Instagram post.

  • The star showed off her super ripped abs in the pics, too, as she has some behind-the-scenes fun.

  • Rita works out hard with her trainer, and she carves out time for movement every day.

Rita Ora is booked and busy—I mean, she's got a big tour to prep for, but luckily for her Instagram followers, she took a moment from her packed schedule to share some behind-the-scenes photos from her life these days. And let me just say... This tour already looks great on you, Rita.

“This is what 3 music videos and packing to travel for 5 months looks like… 💫 ✈️ 🎉,” Rita captioned the photos of herself living it up backstage. In the pics, Rita rocked a black latex bra top and low-rise leopard print pants, and it was hard to miss how super sculpted her six-pack abs are in the outfit.

In fact, she looked so good that all her friends and followers flooded her comments section with cheers and praise. “Bombastic 🙌,” her mom commented (okay, so cute 🥺!) and queen Paris Hilton left her a “😍."

If you're curious to know how the star works on that ripped core, you've come to the right place. First of all, you should know that Rita takes her fitness regimen super seriously, and she even works with a trainer to make sure she’s ready to rock and roll when she hits the stage for a long concert.

Specifically, Rita works with Jono Castaño, who is the founder of Acero Gym. Together, the two focus mostly on HIIT workouts, Castano told the Daily Mail. “My philosophy requires recommending a combination of workouts comprising HIIT, stretching, and recovery,” he explained.

Rita has also shared an inside peek at her real life gym routine: You can watch as she gets busy doing chest presses while in a bridge pose to get some extra muscles activated! You go girl.

On the whole, Rita makes time for daily movement, whether that's a walk on the beach or having fun behind the scenes before a show. Staying active is always a good way to keep your body (bones, muscles, and all!) happy and healthy.

I, for one, can’t wait to see more of Rita’s tour looks and BTS pics. Keep crushing it, Rita!

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