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Amazon is holding a massive 24-hour sale on Roborock mopping vacuums — save over $300!

robot vacuums
These robot vacuums mop, too! (Photo: Amazon)

It's no secret that a good robot vacuum and mop can make your life easier. After all, you can kick back and relax while your robot friend cleans your floors for you. But there are a lot of options on the market and robot vacuums can be pricey, making choosing the perfect robot for you a big decision. Well, Amazon is here to make it a little easier. Just for today, the retail giant is running a massive sale on Roborock mopping robot vacuums. You'll save up to $320! Don't miss these mega-deals.

The S7 offers an impressive 2500 Pa of suction power and 600 grams of sonic mopping pressure. It offers multi-level mapping, so you can use it around your entire house, and automatically boosts suction when it hits carpets. Control all the action with an app on your phone or Amazon Alexa.
$400 at Amazon

"Unboxed it today and got it cleaning the main part of the house after just charging it to 51%. I am still having trouble believing how good it is, especially in cleaning up clumps of pet hair all over the place," shared a five-star fan. "Right out of the dock, it left a strip of unbelievably clean floor. Now I wish I had taken photographs, because this thing just went gangbusters on all the clumps of hair and dust on the floor and I'm still pleasantly shocked by how good a job it did."

This mopping robot vacuum isn't messing around with a jaw-dropping 5100 Pa of suction power. It features 3D structured light obstacle avoidance, an auto lifting mop (to avoid tracking around dirt) and ultrasonic carpet detection for more power when it's needed. It syncs up with Alexa or can be controlled by your phone.
$540 at Amazon

One happy customer called the S7 MaxV "impressive." They continued, "It quickly mapped my home in 30-40 minutes. It mops and/or vacuums my floors flawlessly. I bought Roborock S7 MaxV specifically for hardwood floors. ...So far, Roborock has far exceeded my expectations."

Want an experience that's about as hands off as you can get? The S7+ is self-emptying and stores up to 120 days worth of dust in its dock. It features an auto-lifting mop and sonic mopping technology that scrubs up to 3,000 times a minute, getting up stubborn gunk in the process. You can control everything from your phone.
$680 at Amazon

"Life-changing if you have pets," shared a satisfied shopper. "This sucker flat-out works! I run it every day. The dust bin is a bit small — wouldn't want the vac without the auto-empty bin. It's full after vacuuming about half our living room. But the dock works perfectly. You can define 'rooms' or sections of your house and have it auto-empty and charge after each one to address that. I put a new (washed) mop pad on and fill the water tank every night, leaves the floor nice and clean once it's done cleaning."

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