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We may see Roku TVs with OLED in 2023

The company has unveiled an OLED Roku TV reference design for partners.

Side profile of an LCD Roku TV. (Roku)

You can buy Roku TVs with HD, 4K and 8K screens, using either LEDs or bright MiniLED technology. Starting in 2023, OLED may finally join the mix. Today at CES, Roku unveiled an OLED TV reference design, which will help its partners to build Roku TVs with OLED screens. The company isn't saying if any companies have jumped on the design yet, but it's not hard to see TCL adopting it, especially after making the first MiniLED Roku TV set.

OLED Roku TVs will feature everything we love about that screen tech: Namely, inky dark black levels, extreme contrast and excellent viewing angles. As is usual for Roku, though, the company isn't saying much about the specs behind its reference design.

According to Chris Larson, Roku's VP of retail strategy, it takes a minimum of four months for partners to built TVs based on their reference designs. While it would be nice to see some surprise announcements in the middle of 2023, realistically we'll probably hear more about these OLED Roku TVs come the holiday season. The company will also be building its own Roku TVs for the first time this year, but those are mostly targeted at value-conscious users. There's still plenty of room in the affordable OLED category though, so it'll interesting to see if partners can make Roku sets that compete with Vizio's affordable OLEDs.