Roll Canned Biscuits In Cinnamon Sugar For The Ultimate Breakfast Pastry

Biscuit dough balls in bowl
Biscuit dough balls in bowl - Asbel Llorent/Shutterstock

In theory, making homemade biscuits is a great idea. In reality, it can be tough if you have yet to perfect your recipe and are short on time. Thankfully, canned biscuits save the day when crafting fluffy pastries from scratch isn't feasible. Ready in a flash, all you need to do is remove them from their packaging and bake until they've turned golden. But, while the resulting buttery biscuits are capable of delighting taste buds, we'd be lying if we said there wasn't room for improvement. To make canned biscuits better, roll them in cinnamon sugar to add another layer of delicious depth.

Cinnamon sugar elevates boring canned biscuits like no other ingredient. In addition to giving savory-leaning biscuits a sweet edge, cinnamon sugar imparts warmly spiced nuances that amp up the treat's complexity. In fact, the ingredient adds textural variety as the presence of sugar granules give biscuits a mildly crunchy coating. Plus, the spiced sugar leaves behind an eye-catching sparkle that amps up visual appeal.

Far from complicated, making cinnamon sugar biscuits requires just a few extra minutes of prep work. After taking the dough out of the can, simply dunk it into some melted butter before coating in a mixture of cinnamon and sugar. To make bite-sized snacks, you could cut the biscuits into quarters prior to rolling them in the sweet seasoning. Then, bake as you normally would. It doesn't get any easier than that!

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Tips And Tricks For Making The Best Cinnamon Sugar Biscuits Ever

Scooper filled with cinnamon sugar
Scooper filled with cinnamon sugar - Kwanchaichaiudom/Getty Images

Carefully select a quality brand of canned biscuit — we're partial to Annie's — in order to achieve pastries with an ultra crisp exterior and the softest, most decadent interior. Likewise, working with good quality butter (salted or unsalted) can be what differentiates a good biscuit from a great one.

Similarly, despite that you can find cinnamon sugar in the supermarket, making your own allows you to customize flavors to your liking. Experiment with different types of sugar, opting for coarser varieties like turbinado for a crunchier coating, or regular granulated sugar for a more subtle bite. Depending on personal preference, add more or less cinnamon to the mixture, and incorporate other warm spices like a pinch of ground nutmeg or clove.

As for how to serve the biscuits, draw inspiration from cinnamon buns and drizzle them with a sugary glaze. Otherwise, serve them simply with a side of syrup or apple sauce for dunking, or slather them with a pat of citrusy compound butter, fruity jam, or a swipe of mascarpone. The sweetly spiced biscuits can be used to craft a breakfast sandwich that's layered with a sausage patty, apple butter, and sharp cheese — but, we'll leave the specifics to you!

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