Canadian influencer Roxy Earle opens up about burnout

Canadian influencer Roxy Earle opens up about burnout

Roxy Earle is urging her fans to prioritize themselves.

On Thursday, the Canadian influencer and "The Real Housewives Of Toronto" star took to Instagram to share a video of herself sharing a helpful tip on how to "beat burnout."

The 39-year-old explained that the best way to fight burnout is by "setting hardcore boundaries."

"The biggest way to beat burnout is setting hardcore boundaries. Because when you delegate things you don’t need to be doing and say no to whatever drains you, you start protecting your time so you can say yes to the stuff that actually fulfills you. Prioritize you today… you deserve it," she captioned the post for her more than 100,000 followers.

"I want to talk about burnout because everybody is burnt out and we need to change that," she began in the video. "This is the number one thing you can do: set boundaries and then stick to those boundaries."

She continued: "You need to reclaim your time. You're spending time doing things that are stressing you out, so delegate, say no, stick to those boundaries, and then reclaim that time for things that bring you joy. Fill up that space with things that recharge your heart and soul, and make you feel good. That's how we conquer burnout."

Earle's post was quickly met with supportive messages from fans and praise for advocating for self-care.

"Exactly what I needed today! Thank you!" one person wrote, while another added, "Great advice!"

"Thanks so much for sharing this! I needed this reminder. It's so easy to put ourselves last when we're trying to appease everyone else. But we can only show up as our best selves for the people we love if we make time for ourselves first," one Instagram user commented.

One person penned: "Needed to hear that this morning. Still in bed ready to get up and face the day and now I’m ready."

"Love this so much! Best advice," added another.

In July, Earle garnered even more praise after sharing a snap of herself posing on a dock in a vibrant maxi dress, paired with an important message about the lack of representation in women's fashion.

"Let’s talk fashion! You see, I’ve always loved fashion but it’s never loved me back," she began. "I curate my world to follow inclusive brands and diverse influencers and seek out the high-end pieces that will fit me and then I go to meetings in the 'real fashion' world where the high-profile buyers work, and the people that control the fancy fashion magazines and I tell them my story of #MySizeRox and a room of women who all look the same nod at me and tell me they are working towards being inclusive."

She explained that when she has asked how "real fashion" brands plan on being more inclusive, their responses seem vague and non-urgent.

"I ask them how and they explain that it’s more of a 'framework or strategy' they are working towards. It’s an odd moment where I am explaining that lack of representation is the problem to a room that lacks representation," she penned.

"But, I continue on…..and what I’m realizing is that instead of trying to change the game that doesn’t want me on the team I’m going to make up my own game," Earle continued. "One that is built from the communities of fashionistas and influencers that have been left out of the ivory tower of fashion. I’ve been too ethnic, too big now I’m not dark enough, not big enough, and everything in between. The people writing the rules make no sense. So on this Monday, I march on! Let’s rewrite."

"Tag your favourites changing the narrative. I want to know all of them! I’ve tagged a few I know working on the biz side of this community. Not sure if anyone reads these anymore with all of Instagram’s changes but alas I like to share," she concluded.

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