Roxy Earle reflects on how her relationship helped her 'finally see' her beauty

Roxy Earle reflects on how her relationship helped her 'finally see' her beauty

Roxy Earle is opening up about how finding love helped her confidence.

On Sunday, "The Real Housewives Of Toronto" star took to Instagram to share a romantic, sun-soaked video of herself on vacation with her husband, Arnold Mahesan. The clip shows the pair holding hands and frolicking in the water.

"To the romantics out there," she penned to her more than 100,000 followers. "One day you’re going to meet your person and finally see your beauty how they see it."

"You’ll never feel more beautiful," she added.

Earle explained that prior to meeting her husband, she spent many years feeling insecure about her body image and undeserving of love.

"I’ve wasted many years never taking photos from behind on a beach, feeling unworthy of love because of my swimsuit size and having it reinforced by someone who was supposed to be making me feel beautiful," she wrote.

The reality star pointed out that being with the wrong person can make it difficult to feel confident.

"It’s hard to feel beautiful and confident in an environment that’s toxic," the 39-year-old shared. "I highly suggest finding the courage to be loved how you deserve to be loved and spending the day on a deserted island when you do."

Fans were quick to weigh in on Earle's post.

"This is so heartwarming and makes me so happy and hopeful to find something like this someday. Seeing your beauty through the eyes of someone who really loves you is so so special. Thank you for sharing!" one person commented.

"This makes me beyond happy," someone echoed. "I love being loved how I deserve. Thank you for sharing."

"Thank you for making me smile from one ear to the other! You are beautiful and it’s so amazing to see you both in love," another added.

One commenter wrote: "Beautiful. You are both glowing from happiness!"

"This is amazing! So sweet and inspiring. Being loved correctly is a game changer," another shared.

Last week Earle garnered even more praise after sharing another candid vacation video paired with a message about overcoming her body insecurities.

In the Reel, Earle wore oversized sunglasses and a grey snakeskin swimsuit from her own size-inclusive collection, #MySizeRox, in partnership with Canadian retailer Joe Fresh.

"POV: After years of insecurities watching smaller women wear chic swimsuits that would never fit, you now feel amazing wearing swimsuits with your name on the label on your bodacious body," she wrote in on-screen text.

"The most amazing thing happened when I stopped desperately seeking the acceptance from people and industries that didn’t want me," she captioned the post. "I outgrew them!"

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