Sabrina Carpenter just gave major sexy secretary vibes in a plunging neckline suit look


Over the last few months singer, songwriter, beauty muse and fashion aficionado Sabrina Carpenter has proved over and over again that her wardrobe is working overtime, single-handedly fueling a new wave of summer style inspo for fashion lovers around the globe.

Just yesterday, the Espresso singer chose to trade in her butter yellow, corset mini dress for a statement three-piece suiting option.

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Sabrina Carpenter poses on her Instagram in a suit look
She can do no wrong (Instagram/@sabrinacarpenter)

The suit in question is far from office appropriate, featuring a plunging, v-neck waistcoat, itty bitty matching mini skirt and a cropped blazer. To top off the stylish secretary look, she added a necktie made from the same navy pinstripe fabric and a set of Juila Fox-approved reading glasses.

She of course kept her glam iconic, rocking her signature blush look which with the help of TikTok has now been revealed to be a surprisingly affordable combo. For hair, she let her bouncy blonde locks loose, letting her signature curtain bangs do all the heavy lifting.

Sabrina Carpenter poses in a mini skirt and waistcoat in front of the EiffelTower
Taking office-core to all new heights (Instagram / @sabrinacarpenter)

She shared the look with her 36.5 million Instagram followers yesterday, posing on a balcony with dreamy views of the Eiffel Tower in the background. Captioning the series of images “ s’il vous plaît, s’il vous plaît, s’il vous plaît” a nod to her new hit song Please, Please, Please, which was only released seven days ago and has already racked up a whopping 22 million views on YouTube and is currently at number one on the global Spotify charts.

Sabrina has quickly become a household name amongst both fashion and music fans and is currently well on her way to becoming one of the most notable names in both spheres.

Her sultry secretary look of course caused a commotion in the comment section with many commenting on her look, one fan even said “girls don’t want boys they just want sabrina carpenter and her hair” and we can’t help but agree.