Salma Hayek pokes fun at recent red carpet wardrobe malfunction at the BAFTAs

Salma Hayek suffered a slight wardrobe mishap at the BAFTAS. (Image via Getty Images)
Salma Hayek suffered a slight wardrobe mishap at the BAFTAS. (Image via Getty Images)

Salma Hayek showed off slightly more than she intended during a recent red carpet appearance — and she's laughing it off.

The 55-year-old attended the British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) on Sunday and posed for photographers in a velvet fitted gown by Gucci.

While the dress was stunning, the "House of Gucci" actress suffered a wardrobe blunder when a gust of wind blew open her dress to expose a lace lining at her thigh. In an effort to conceal the mishap, the star's cleavage became the focal point of many photos from the event.

Hayek took to Instagram shortly afterward to poke fun at herself by sharing side-by-side photos from the event of the wardrobe malfunction in action.

"Sometimes in an effort to cover something other things show up more," she wrote.

Fans responded to Hayek's post, praising her look and assuring her that her mishap was mild.

"OMG, this isn't even a malfunction, don't even sweat it," one person commented. "You just have big boobs and you're wearing a low-cut dress. That's not a crime and certainly not worth all the buzz it's getting. It's 2022! Cleavage is not a big deal at all. You look beautiful, Salma!"

"Your purple dress is beautiful Don't bother covering up anything. The people who love you are going to love no matter what you wear!" someone else wrote.

"Love the dress. You look amazing!" added another.

Earlier this month, Hayek shared another wardrobe malfunction she experienced at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

"My glove got stuck on the great Fran Drescher's dress, so I got stuck in the bathroom right before I had to present the award to Michael Keaton, who was also stuck in the bathroom," she wrote, paired with a video of the incident.

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