Sam's Club's Charcuterie Tasting Board Is Giving Aldi A Run For Its Money

Sam's Club charcuterie board
Sam's Club charcuterie board - Sam's Club (7817 Park Meadows Dr, Lone Tree, CO)/Facebook

Charcuterie boards are perfect for entertaining, as they offer a little bit of something to satisfy every conceivable flavor preference. If you're in the market for a charcuterie board that won't break the bank, both Sam's Club and Aldi have some nice options. However, the Sam's Club version offers a little more bang for your buck for just a few dollars more, making it a better value option.

As listed on the Sam's Club website, the Columbus Craft Meats Charcuterie Tasting Board features just over 16 ounces of delectable meats, cheese, crackers, and olives, as well as chocolate-covered cranberries for a sweet finish. All this deliciousness is available for just $12.48, which is a real bargain when you consider the cost of creating a charcuterie board from scratch. According to the Aldi website, the Park Street Deli Charcuterie Tasting Board features a similar selection of food and retails for $9.89. However, Aldi's version only weighs 12 ounces, which makes Sam's Club the better bargain.

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How Do These Two Charcuterie Boards Compare In Quality?

Line of Aldi shopping carts
Line of Aldi shopping carts - Detlef Voigt/Getty Images

With the Sam's Club Columbus tasting board, you get a nice assortment of items that are "hand selected for complementary pairings." The selection includes multigrain crackers, two types of salami, white cheddar cheese, Castelvetrano olives, and cranberries dipped in dark chocolate. The Aldi board features the same items, albeit with a few slight differences. For example, you get a mixed assortment of Greek olives, as opposed to the Castelvetrano variety, and chocolate-covered almonds instead of cranberries.

When it comes to quality assessments, some Aldi shoppers were not entirely impressed with the grocery chain's charcuterie board. A review by Business Insider claimed that there were no "standouts" within the package and described the nugget salami as "bland." Portion size was another issue, as the Aldi tasting board wasn't very substantial, according to the reviewer. Portion size isn't a problem with the Sam's Club board, as it's over 4 ounces larger than Aldi's charcuterie board. As for quality, Columbus Craft Meats appears to hit it out of the park with its careful selection of goodies.

Reviews Of Sam's Club Economical Charcuterie Board Are Pretty Positive

Sam's Club storefront from the parking lot
Sam's Club storefront from the parking lot - Rivernorthphotography/Getty Images

According to its website, Columbus Craft Meats has been serving up deli items for over a century. The company offers a wide range of charcuterie boards, snack trays, and cured meats like salami and prosciutto. When it comes to the charcuterie tasting board on sale at Sam's Club, it seems that people have lots of good things to say about it.

As featured on the Columbus website's review page, its charcuterie board currently has a five out of five rating. According to one review, it's a "great combo of salami, cheese, crackers, olives, and chocolate-covered cranberries ... Would buy this board in the future". Another person praised the careful selection of items, stating, "Delish!!! Perfect combination. Paired with Prosecco." There were a few minor criticisms expressed, such as the fact that the package is not resealable. Also, one reviewer stated that they would have preferred a second type of olive instead of the chocolate-covered cranberries. Despite these quibbles, Sam's Club charcuterie board has a lot to offer and is available at a very reasonable price point.

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