Sangita Patel celebrates 10-year 'ET Canada' anniversary: 'You look even younger now'

The Toronto-based television star left fans commenting on her beauty, with many noting she looks "ageless."

Sangita Patel is "aging backward."

On Wednesday, the "ET Canada" host, 43, celebrated a decade of working on the entertainment show. Patel took to Instagram to mark the milestone with footage of her career over the years.

In the video, Patel compiled snippets of herself interviewing celebrities such as Julia Roberts, Dwayne Johnson, Mark Ruffalo and the Backstreet Boys, among others.

"Ten years of incredible experiences, connecting with amazing peeps and living a career where I still pinch myself thinking, 'Whoa, me?'" she penned in her caption.

Patel explained that while her "passion has always been connecting with people," working in her industry is a challenge.

"As gullible as I am, this industry isn't easy. Being a South Asian woman, I gotta hustle a little harder," she shared. "I hope my journey inspires others."

Fans met Patel's post with supportive, celebratory messages and praise for her "ageless" beauty.

"Congratulations, Sangita! You're such an inspiration to other women in your industry," an Instagram user commented. "Side note: You haven't aged a day. You look even younger now than you did 10 years ago."

"How do you look younger now than you did 10 years ago?! Happy 10-year anniversary!" another wrote.

Someone else added: "Truly aging backward! So stunning. Congrats, queen!"

"You got that Benjamin Button disease. Cheers," a fan quipped.

"You haven't aged one bit!" commented another. "Secondly, your ability to connect with people is so beautiful!"

Earlier this month, fans praised Patel's ageless appearance after she shared a photo marking International Women's Day with her two daughters, Ava and Shyla. In the snap, the family trio flashed their smiles in a close embrace for the camera.

"I'm looking at this photo and it's crazy to think they were my little babies spitting up on my shoulder," Patel captioned that post. "They inspire me every single day, including my mom."

The Canadian television host's post received comments from fans who were floored by the three women looking "more like sisters" rather than a mom with her two kids.

"Are you the middle child?!" an Instagram user joked, while another added, "I couldn't tell who the mom was for a minute! Three sisters!"

"So grown up! You look more like sisters than mother-daughters," commented another.

"They grow up so fast! You three look more like sisters. So cute!" someone wrote.

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