Sangita Patel impresses fans with core-crushing workout: 'This is beast mode'

"Core, abs...feel the burn."

Sangita Patel impresses fans with core-crushing workout: 'This is beast mode'

Sangita Patel is in "beast mode."

On Tuesday, the Toronto-native, 43, flaunted her impressive strength in an Instagram video demonstrating a series of core-crushing workouts.

Patel broke a sweat in a hot pink fluorescent sports bra, a pair of black shorts and white sneakers.

In the video, the "ET Canada" host held herself in the air in a horizontal plank position by placing one hand on the floor and planting her feet on a bench. She then used her free hand to lift a weight over her head while raising one leg and crunching it toward her chest.

She paired the clip with a motivational caption for her more than 159,000 followers.

"Core, abs... feel the burn," she penned. "I just gotta say this: find your energy, keep it alive especially when there a those who just drain it out of you. Effin' keep going. Feel strong, feel powerful, feel joy, feel kindness — the rest is all noise."

"This is beast mode," she added before encouraging her followers to try the workout themselves. "OK, I’m still sore. Give this a try 10 reps try for 3 sets."

In the comments, fans applauded Patel's "crazy" core strength.

"Girl, you are a human-machine," an Instagram user wrote, while another echoed, "You're a machine! Look at that stomach! Great work!"

Someone else added: "Unbelievable! Abs of steel."

"Girl. you're crazy strong. Seriously. This is so impressive!" commented another.

"Goals," a fan wrote.

One person shared: "You are a bodybuilding dynamo. Abs of steel. Incredible!"

Last month, fans praised Patel for looking ageless after she shared an Instagram Reel trying on the grey and gold lehenga she wore at her wedding reception almost 20 years ago.

She paired the clip with a caption explaining that she dug up the outfit while she was unpacking old boxes.

"As I was unpacking some boxes, I found my wedding reception lehenga from almost 20 years ago. Crazy!" she revealed. "Let’s see how it looks."

"Now, where is my wedding lehenga?" she added.

"OMG, iconic," one Instagram user commented, while another wrote:

"You haven't aged a day. So pretty!"

"Timeless and natural beauty!" commented another fan.

"Goals!" someone else chimed in.

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