Sangita Patel nails Dwayne Johnson's workout in new fitness post: 'You rocked it!'

Sangita Patel is back with another fitness Tuesday post. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)
Sangita Patel is back with another fitness Tuesday post. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

Sangita Patel is back with another "Fitness Tuesday" post.

On Tuesday, the "ET Canada" host took to Instagram to share a video of her doing "The Rock's killer finisher" with her 144,000 followers.

In the past, Patel has been vocal about her friendship with Dwayne Johnson, and has even challenged him to a joint workout session.

The 43-year-old stitched together a video of her doing the finisher, which is the final exercise in a workout, alongside a clip of Johnson doing the same thing. The exercise consisted of a slow squat while holding a dumbbell.

"When so many of you forward this to me, you know I had to try it! Love how he walks away at the end…come back," Patel wrote.

In the caption, Sangita shared her "leg day" routine, which focussed on working out her quads.

"Sangi’s leg day (quad focus). Warmup — 10 mins, 13 incline, two and a half speed. Superset three sets, 20 lunges, 10 squats pulses. Superset three sets, 10 Leg Press with 10 mid pulses, 15 incline goblet squats, 10 sissy squats. Superset three sets, 10 split squats, 10 band sit back squats, then the Rock's finisher!" she explained.

In the comments, fans thanked the Toronto-native for her "motivating" content.

"Always motivating," commented a follower alongside the clapping emoji.

"Sangita you make it look so flawless! Girl you rocked it!" shared someone else.

"Can't wait to see you workout with the Rock!" wrote a hopeful fan.

Last month, the television host was "reunited and in Canada" with Dwayne Johnson.

In the video, Patel briefly taught Johnson the lyrics to "O Canada."

"You're in Canada!" Patel said while Johnson kissed the top of her head. "I am," "The Rock" replied, adding that the last time he visited Canada was a "long time ago."

In the comments, fans loved the duo's candid moment.

"Yes! Getting him back to those Canadian roots! Love to see it. And as if he kissed you on the head. I would have fainted," a follower commented, while another wrote, "Sangita! Two of my favourites together, oh my heart can’t handle this."

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