Sangita Patel and husband Sam wow fans with impressive 'pull-up' fitness challenge

Fans praised the Canadian TV personality's strength and teamwork with her husband.

Sangita Patel and her husband shared an impressive workout video. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)
Sangita Patel and her husband shared an impressive workout video. (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images)

Sangita Patel is back with another weekly dose of fitness inspiration.

On Tuesday, the former "ET Canada" host shared an Instagram reel of herself and her husband Sam demonstrating a "mind blowing" fitness challenge.

During the workout, Sangita wore a pair of black leggings and a matching tank top, paired with white sneakers, while her husband opted for a bright red T-shirt and black shorts.

The clip begins with another couple successfully completing the "pull-up using your partner's arm" challenge before segueing the Patels giving it a try.

"In training," the Canadian TV personality wrote in the on-screen text while she made her first attempt to use her husband's arm as a pull-up bar.

"Drum roll please...," she wrote, before the duo successfully completed the challenge. "Sam is like, 'Finally!'"

"The pull-up 'use your partner's arm' challenge. Keep the challenges coming," she penned in the caption. "This was a fun one for me. #PoorSam. Luckily, Sam has a strong arm!."

Fans met Patel's video with praise for her impressive agility and for her husband's patience.

"Amazing teamwork," a fan wrote, while another added, "Sam is such a good sport!"

"He is not only a good sport, but he is really strong. You are a lovely couple with a terrific family," shared another.

One fan wrote: "Love watching these... Feeling part-weak and part-super inspired."

"Actually so impressive. And Sam is such a good sport," commented another.

Patel's workout video comes just over a week after opening up to her fans about the unnerving pathology report results she received after undergoing surgery to remove a suspicious lump on her thyroid.

In a candid Instagram reel taken from Turks and Caicos, the mom-of-two recalled prior to her trip, she got the news her once "benign" lump was in fact cancerous.

"This trip came at the right time or me because right before I left I got my pathology report, and I went from benign to suspicious to encapsulated invasive oncocytic carcinoma. Cancer," she said.

Despite the daunting news, Patel said she was "feeling fantastic."

"I am recovering, and I know I have this incredible team that's going to take me into the second chapter of this journey," she shared.

"I am physically strong," Patel continued. "I am mentally strong and I know this positive energy runs through this temple. Just kind of sucks. I didn't think I'd be here. I know I'm gonna be fine, I know that. But live life to the fullest, right?"

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