Sarah Levy opens up about 'just how tired' she was postpartum: 'Not prepared'

Canadian actress Sarah Levy arrives for the 71st Emmy Awards at the Microsoft Theatre in Los Angeles on September 22, 2019. (Photo by VALERIE MACON / AFP)        (Photo credit should read VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)
Sarah Levy opened up about her postpartum experience on Instagram. (Photo via VALERIE MACON/AFP via Getty Images)

Sarah Levy is getting real about exhaustion and motherhood.

On Monday, the 36-year old took to Instagram to open up about her postpartum experience.

In July, Levy welcomed her first child, baby James Eugene, with husband Graham Outerbridge.

The Toronto-native was interviewed by HATCH, a maternity and postpartum clothing company, who posed Levy a series of questions about postpartum life and how she's holding up.

When asked to describe both her pregnancy and postpartum experience in three words, the actress replied: "Miraculous, exciting and exhausting."

Later in the conversation, HATCH asked Levy what surprised her about postpartum, to which the "Schitt's Creek" alum revealed it's "just how tired" she was.

"Everyone kind of warns you, they say you’re exhausted as a new parent, and you’re kind of thinking yeah, I know. I’m sure I’ll be exhausted. It is a whole new level of exhaustion and that I was not prepared for," Levy added.

At the end of the video, Screen Actors Guild winner gave advice to soon-to-be mothers, which centred around taking time for yourself.

"Read leisurely, walk, hike, draw, paint. Whatever you do that brings you joy and don’t feel selfish about doing it," she said. "My advice to new moms, which is so hard cause I feel like everyone has advice, but every day is different and know that the moment will pass whatever it is. Don't try and do any more than what you’re doing in that moment."

In the comments, fans thanked Levy for her honesty and shared their experience with postpartum tiredness.

"Thank you for saying this! I feel like the word 'exhaustion' doesn’t even begin to cover the postpartum sleep deprivation and I was not prepared," commented a follower.

"Sleep deprivation was the worst. He's 23 now but I remember it like it was yesterday, makes me tired!" shared someone else.

"You're doing amazing and thanks for keeping it real," wrote a fan.

"You're so inspiring and I look up to you so much! It's refreshing to see something raw and real about postpartum on here!" added another.

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