Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about 'hiding' under clothes: 'Done being a pawn'

The Canadian influencer shared a poem about self-acceptance.

Sarah Nicole Landry is opening up about her live-saving medication. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)
Sarah Nicole Landry shares empowering body-positive video. (Instagram/@thebirdspapaya)

Sarah Nicole Landry is encouraging self-acceptance and challenging societal beauty standards.

The Guelph, Ont.-based influencer, better known as The Birds Papaya, shared an Instagram Reel on Wednesday, urging her followers not to "hide" behind their clothes.

In the video, Landry posed in a black bra and matching underwear set while on-screen text read, "I could just show up like this." She then lowered her waistband, proudly revealing her lower stomach.

"But I choose to show up like this too because I know how hard it is to only see seemingly one type of stomach and to feel like you're hiding shame under your clothes," she penned.

The mom-of-four paired her video with a poem, writing, "Large chest, small waist, no dimples, except your face. Grow yourself, but don't show for it. Bear children, just don't bear signs of it. Butt big, stomach small… Just don't mix them up at all. Why are some curves 'good' and others 'bad?' Playing a game that'll just make you mad."

She continued: "It's a game you're never meant to win. It's a game, to make your head spin. And all the while the game is played, life is happening, without delay. So if, like me, you're just not having fun. It's OK if you're just… done. Done being a pawn, in some perfect game. And down for the rest of life. Down for us not all being the same."

In the comments, fans praised Landry's uplifting message.

"Love the example your setting for all women," an Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "This! Thank you for being you and reminding us what is really important"

"Love this and you," someone wrote.

"Absolutely love this and needed this reminder today," a fan commented.

In July, Landry took to Instagram to share a series of vulnerable side-by-side photos, comparing what her body looks like when her stomach is visible versus when it's "tucked away" in her bottoms.

Paired with the first photo, on-screen text proclaimed "Just because you don't see doesn't mean it's not there."

The second set of photos carried the same sentiment, with additional on-screen text that reads: "Just because it's tucked away from society doesn't mean it's still not part of it," and "Just because you aren't exposed to it much doesn't mean you're alone in it."

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