Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about 'end-of-day' body 2 years after 4th pregnancy

The Ontario-based influencer is embracing her appearance after a busy, task-filled day.

Sarah Nicole Landry is sharing her "end of the day" body.

On Wednesday, the Canadian mom-of-four — better known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share a video showing off her figure, as she checked her appearance at the end of a productive day.

In the Instagram Reel, Landry posed in front of the camera in a pair of satin cargo pants and a seamless lilac bodysuit. She then pulled down her pants and continued to check out her figure when she isn't "uncomfortably bloated."

"It's been two years since my fourth pregnancy," the influencer wrote in the on-screen text. "And this is what my body looks like at the end of the day.

"A full day of errands, work, fitness, nourishment and hydration. I'm not uncomfortably bloated. This is just the relaxed state of my body at the end of a great day."

She paired her post with a caption praising her body for "carrying her" through life before and after pregnancy.

"We live a lot of these moments silently amongst ourselves, feeling alone — feeling somehow different from the rest," the 39-year-old penned. " I share this not to say we all experience the same end-of-day, but to say, this is my end-of-day, and maybe it's yours too.

"Pregnancy before it or not. Perhaps in this pocket of momentary feelings, we aren't so alone. Perhaps our bodies are just functioning, ebbing and flowing and doing a grand ol' job at carrying us through."

In the comments, fans praised the Guelph, Ont.-native for her body-positive perspective.

"You are such a powerful voice on here. Thank you," penned fellow influencer Danae Mercer.

"Great reminder to allow yourself space to appreciate all that you are and all those moments that make you, you," an Instagram user wrote.

"Needed this reminder. Still not comfortable in my body 18 months after having my son. [I] have to tell myself constantly that it's OK for it to look this way," another fan shared.

"Thank you for giving me a better view on my own body. As a mother, I love my body even more," someone else wrote alongside a heart emoji.

One person added, "Thank you for normalizing normal bodies!"

Last month, fans praised Landry after sharing another body positive post with her more than two million followers. The Canadian influencer shared a carousel of photos posing in front of a black backdrop, wearing a white, sleeveless top and a pair of black underwear, as she showed off her stretch marks.

Alongside the photos, she included a caption about honouring her personal growth by respecting her body.

"To be made capable of growth without tearing or breaking is to stretch," she wrote. "So may these images serve as the warm embrace for every moment I cursed the magic of this.

"I wasn't looking with my own eyes but by the lens I was conditioned to believe to be true. So, I see the magic now. Yet, I do not always love it. But I will respect the hell out of it, for I am capable of growth without breaking."

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