Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about pressure to be 'perfect' on Instagram: 'There's no point'

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about the pressure to look "perfect" on social media.

On Wednesday, the Canadian influencer and self-love advocate — also known as The Birds Papaya — took to Instagram to share a candid photo and video of herself sharing smiles and laughs with her two-year-old daughter.

She paired the adorable memories with a caption opening up about no longer knowing the point of Instagram.

"Sometimes, I don’t know what Instagram is for," she penned to her more than 2 million followers. "This place where we'd share our moments. Brought together by the joys, hardships, every little bit in-between."

She explained that many postpone sharing content until they capture something "worthy" enough.

"Each day we open it, check on each other," Landry shared. "We have the same opportunities over and over — an opportunity to say something, to share something, to do nothing at all.

"Sometimes getting so caught up in wanting to say the perfect thing, that the flawed versions are just sitting in drafts."

She pointed out that "wanting to be the perfect version" of yourself just leaves "the beautifully flawed version" on a shelf — "forgetting that this (all of this), is a final copy."

"There's no point to this," she continued. "I just want to sit in this. The joy, the hard, the opportunity to share it, to check in on each other, to be here — even when it's all just a little weird sometimes."

Landry's post garnered applause from fans for the "cuteness overload" and for her thought-provoking sentiment.

"Thank you for sharing! This really got me thinking. We're always so busy trying to capture the perfect moment so that we can post it that we're losing touch with authenticity," one person commented. "If we all stopped comparing ourselves to each other and took some of that pressure away, Instagram would be a much happier place."

"Sarah Nicole, I cannot take this cuteness overload!" another chimed in.

"I love this so much. Moments like this are what this platform is for," someone else shared.

Another added, "I have a lot of drafts, but maybe, just maybe, this will give me the push to share and be a little less critical of myself. Thank you."

"This is what Instagram should be for!" a fan wrote. "The pure joy and a smile that a simple post can bring to your day! I love this, and glad you shared it to the feed!"

Landry, who's known for her authenticity on Instagram, earned praise in July for sharing an important message, urging her fans to embrace "every little thing" about their bodies.

She eloquently explained that she isn't "just a body," but a "collection" of her experiences.

"It is every hug I've ever had. Every trip I've ever taken. The foods I've tasted. The words I've spoken. The music I've danced to. The paths I've walked. The laughs that hurt my belly. It is the people I've loved. The tiny hands I've held. It's every pet of a dog. Every smile on the street. Every tear shed. Every. Little. Thing. How can I be just a body? When I am a collection of life," the mother-of-four wrote.

"Every touch, every taste, every song, every hug, every love, every trip, every laugh, every hand held, every dance, every walk, every birth, every moment, every little thing," Landry added as text to the image.

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