Sarah Nicole Landry opens up about taping her 'belly with duct tape' at 16

Sarah Nicole Landry is getting real about her self-acceptance journey.

On Wednesday, the body-confidence influencer shared an Instagram Reel of herself trying on a blue, patterned maxi dress from the brand Londre Bodywear. She paired it with a powerful message reflecting on her teenage self and how far she has come.

In the clip, the Canadian self-love advocate — also known as The Birds Papaya — first spotlighted the tag on her dress which reads: "Body type: so f—-ing beautiful."

An on-screen text then read, "When you stop worrying about if your belly is soft and showing and just show up," as she put the dress on.

"The 16-year-old version of me that taped her belly with duct tape and bandages would be super proud, I hope," Landry admitted in the caption.

Landry's post quickly garnered praise from fans for her stunning look and applause for her personal growth.

"Whoa, holy personal growth," a fan commented while another Instagram user wrote, "I love this so so much."

"You are empowering so many women to just be themselves and embrace what they think are imperfections," a commenter added.

One person chimed in: "Love this dress and love you! You're an inspiration."

"So I wasn’t the only crazy one duct-taping my body and training my brain to wear shapewear at nine. Growth! You look amazing," someone else commented.

"I needed this today," a fan added.

Another shared: "Omg, I love this dress on you! You look fabulous! And I needed this reminder today."

Last month, the mom-of-four dubbed herself a "stretch-marked bikini model," in another body-confidence video modelling Knix swimwear.

"Thirty-eight, mom-of-four, cellulite, stretch-marked bikini freaking model," she penned for her more than 2.2 million followers.

"I arrived here on a plane, but I got here by removing the limiting beliefs I had about who qualified for that title.

"Grateful for swimwear that makes you feel your best, supported and styled."

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