Saving for a dream vacation? Your mortgage can help you get there. Really

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The words “vacation” and “mortgage” rarely appear in the same sentence. Most people think that if you have one, you can’t have the other. But think again. For homeowners who live to travel, there's a unique new offer that will enable you to earn travel rewards on your mortgage, helping turn that dream vacation you’ve been saving up for into a reality.

So put your seat backs upright and tray tables up. It’s time to learn how this innovative new offer works…

Earn big points on your biggest purchase

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Thanks to HSBC’s new mortgage rewards offer, you won’t only be getting one of Canada’s lowest interest rates, you’ll also earn a plethora of points: 200,000 rewards points for every $200,000 in mortgage balance, up to a whopping 1 million points! That converts to up to $5,000 in travel rewards that you can put toward the vacation you’ve always dreamed of.

The limited-time offer applies to new, eligible mortgages of $200,000 or more with a 3-year fixed closed term or greater or 5-year variable rate closed term. And it’s not just new homeowners who can benefit. Those looking to move their existing mortgage to HSBC from another financial institution are also eligible for travel rewards. You'll want to act fast however, as this offer is only valid until Sept. 3, 2023. Visit to learn more and get prequalified today.

Redeem points for flights, hotels, car rentals, and more

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When it comes time to book your dream vacation, HSBC has made that process easy too. Your points are readily redeemable through the HSBC World Elite Mastercard rewards program, and can be used for any travel-related expense (or any other reward available in the program, including statement credits and gift cards, or even making a payment for your new mortgage). Best of all? There are no blackout dates, and the rewards can be redeemed at any time, giving you maximum flexibility.

Tip: Your points will be awarded to an HSBC World Elite Mastercard, so if you don’t already have one, you’ll need to apply for the card to receive your rewards.

Where will your dream home take you?

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After you’ve prequalified for your mortgage with HSBC, it’s time to start destination dreaming. Where will your points take you? A bucket-list tropical paradise? A romantic getaway? A summer road trip with the family? Or maybe a trip back home to reunite with your loved ones?

A million points can take you just about anywhere you can dream of–that’s enough for two round-trip tickets to almost anywhere in the world! And remember, it’s not just flights, either. Your points can also be redeemed for a statement credit towards vacation packages, cruise and rail tickets, and more, so go ahead and get creative. You can even redeem points for miles on select airlines, or spread them across multiple expenses.

Is your suitcase still in storage? Don’t worry. HSBC also has an attractive cashback offer in case you’re not ready to travel.

So don’t wait. Now, you can get one of the most competitive interest rates in Canada, plus up to 1,000,000 points with a new, eligible HSBC mortgage, putting you one step closer to the trip of your dreams.

Want to learn more about how HSBC’s unique mortgage rewards offer can help you unlock your dream vacation? Visit for more info, and applicable terms and conditions. Secure your mortgage with HSBC before September 3, 2023 to earn valuable travel rewards! Issued by HSBC Bank Canada.