This SC city ranks No. 1 in the US as a summer travel destination. It beat out Las Vegas

As summer season kicks off along the Grand Strand Myrtle Beach is trending as the travel hot spot to be this year.

Myrtle Beach is the top trending destination for Memorial Day weekend in the U.S., according to The travel site said that searches for the South Carolina city are up 15% by those planning to travel to Myrtle Beach from May 23 through May 30, 2024. Las Vegas is ranked No. 2.

Those ranking positions swap in Tripadvisor’s top summer destinations, as Myrtle Beach moves to No. 2 and Las Vegas to No. 1 as the country’s top 2024 travel spots.

It’s not clear from the report why Myrtle Beach ranks so high, but Tripadvisor’s survey showed that more travelers are looking for tours and experiences, as well as food and amusement and water parks.

Tripadvisor reports that Americans are prioritizing summer vacations as travelers are expected to travel as much as 51% or more than last summer despite concerns over the economy and “increasingly squeezed household budgets,” a release said.

Myrtle Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau reports that the occupancy rate for the city was at nearly 60% for the week of April 28 through May 4, 2024, the latest metrics reported for hotels. That is an 11% increase from year over year.