This Science-Backed Quiz Can Determine How Close You Are To Burnout

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This Is How To Work Out If You're Close To BurnoutEdward Berthelot - Getty Images

Whether you’re feeling just a little bit frazzled or are slowly but surely reaching breaking point, a new science-backed test could be just the thing to clarify how close you are to burnout.

The Burnout Assessment Tool, also known as BAT, is a scientifically validated questionnaire, that can identify just how close you might be to burning out once and for all.

BAT measures four main groups of risk factors: exhaustion, mental distancing (feeling unwilling to invest energy), cognitive impairment (such as having trouble concentrating) and emotional impairment (such as feeling unable to control your emotions at work).


The questionnaire, which is designed to be administered by workplace psychology professionals, has the ability to identify employees who require the most urgent support with burnout. However, a group of Norwegian researchers have also developed an online quiz that people can use 'for entertainment and educational purposes' to 'test if they are at risk of burnout'.


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It comes after a survey revealed more than a third of adults faced extreme pressure in the workplace in the past year.

A YouGov poll from 2023 found that among 2,060 adults – 1,132 of whom were workers – 35% had experienced high or extreme levels of pressure at work, with 20% requiring time off due to poor mental health caused by stress in the past year.

Mental Health UK’s chief executive, Brian Dow, warned in a statement that the UK was 'rapidly becoming a burnt-out nation' with a 'worrying number of people' taking time off due to poor mental health caused by stress.

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