The Secret Ingredient For Ridiculously Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Person reaching for scrambled eggs on toast
Person reaching for scrambled eggs on toast - Thai Liang Lim/Getty Images

Of all the egg dishes one could make to break their fast first thing in the morning, scrambled eggs are perhaps the most popular kind. They are easy, quick, and offer delicious and filling results -- what's not to love about them? While the best way to make scrambled eggs has been decoded, it is possible to experiment with and elevate this simple dish even further. After all, there are a number of scrambled egg hacks that will change your life.

Interestingly, there are also a number of secret ingredients celeb chefs use in their scrambled eggs. You too could try some of these and enjoy a subtle but distinct change every time you make scrambled eggs at home. One such secret ingredient that ensures ridiculously creamy scrambled eggs is one you may not be aware of -- crème fraîche. This thick, creamy condiment, which is made from cream that has been soured, makes an excellent addition to scrambled eggs. It has a nutty and tangy flavor, and a higher fat content than traditional sour cream, hence it works well as a thickener for certain food items and to zhuzh up scrambled eggs. The result is creamy and tasty without being too runny.

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The Secret To Adding Crème Fraîche To Scrambled Eggs

Plate of scrambled eggs
Plate of scrambled eggs - Marian Weyo/Shutterstock

While famed chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay have declared crème fraîche an absolute must in their scrambled egg recipes, it's only recently that the inclusion of this ingredient has gone viral on social media. A chef from popular London-based restaurant Fallow uploaded a video on TikTok which has garnered more than seven million views. In this video, he displays the method for making scrambled eggs like a chef.

The chef takes five eggs for his recipe, preps them with salt and pepper and adds them to the pan, which has been prepared beforehand with a generous dollop of butter. It is at this point that he adds the crème fraiche to the dish, before finally serving it on sourdough toast with a topping of cracked pepper and Sriracha sauce. Interestingly, though Fallow's chef adds the crème fraîche at the very end, Bobby Flay's recipe calls for it to be added along with the butter while preparing the pan. The reasoning for these differing moves isn't evident, so it's your choice to decide at what point in the process you'd like to add the creamy condiment. As for the amount you should add -- roughly about two tablespoons of crème fraîche should be added to a serving meant for three people.

Things To Keep In Mind When Making Scrambled Eggs With Crème Fraîche

A plate of scrambled eggs
A plate of scrambled eggs - Nata Bene/Shutterstock

To ensure that you get the best results while making scrambled eggs with crème fraîche, certain things must be kept in mind. Chef Bobby Flay always uses the crème fraîche in direct proportion to the unsalted butter used in the recipe for best results. Plus, he recommends using eggs that are as fresh as possible so that the results are soft and creamy.

The quality of the eggs being used is also extremely important. As far as is possible for you, ensure that the eggs you use are both organic and pasture-raised for the best version of this dish. Before you add the scrambled eggs to your buttered pan, they should be properly mixed with no separation of yolk and whites visible to the naked eye. Most importantly, the best kind of scrambled eggs are the ones that are cooked slowly over medium heat so that they never end up tough, dry, or overcooked.

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