Selena Gomez shares completely makeup-free selfie, showing her natural curly hair texture

OK, so, I've got good news and bad news – but first up, the latter... From Selena Gomez's recent Instagram post, it would seem that she has not dyed her hair platinum blonde *collective sigh*. However (and it's a big however), said post does provide a much-appreciated sense of refreshment.

By this, I mean that Sel has stripped back all the glitz and the glamour that we usually see from celebrities on the 'Gram and instead, has gone completely makeup-free. She took to the social media app with a carousel of three selfies, to which she simply captioned: "Me".

And not only do we love to see her barefaced beauty but she's also sporting her natural hair texture, showing off her untamed chest-length curls.

Take a look at the singer's very relatable post below:

Au naturale in every sense of the word.

As do we, fans are loving this candid content, racking up over six million likes on the post in under 24 hours. And in addition to this, some have even taken to the comments section to share their heartfelt thoughts. Read a select few below:

"I admire you, Selena❤️ You encourage me (us actually) to show the beauty that's within us on this suffocating social media that is Instagram where everyone needs to be perfect and happy all the time... Thanks for helping us... Thanks for helping ME❤️"

"Naturally beautiful 🥰👌💯💗"

"You are not only gorgeous, but also a strong one that keeps always smile."

"you are perfect without makeup 🙌❤️🤍"

"Rare and natural beauty ❤️"

"Candid you the best you"

"This post is so precious and influential on you IG account 💖 so beautiful"

"We need more celebrities like you"

Let this be a reminder that we all get pimples, we all have bedhead hair and it's more than OK to embrace your natural beauty!

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