Selena Gomez Couldn't Stop Commenting About Her New Relationship, And More Things The Internet Is Talking About

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First up, we've got Selena Gomez making quite the stir on Instagram after confirming a relationship with music producer Benny Blanco.

But she didn't stop there. After fans expressed concern — due to Benny seemingly shading her in an interview — Selena fought back, commenting on multiple posts about her "happiness." Although Selena signed off with a promise to take a break from Instagram, Twitter took over from there with a bunch of memes about the whole thing.

Twitter: @pastapilled

Not the PR team. 😮‍💨

Twitter: @basicbitch422

Meanwhile on TikTok, women are trying to trick the men in their lives by asking them to "name a woman, any woman." And the responses range from random...

To wholesome...

To fight-starting.

In his defense, can YOU name a woman?

And the generation war rages on with a viral TikTok about how to spot a millennial making me rethink my entire wardrobe.

Apparently, the French tuck is, like, soooo out now, but people seem divided on whether or not to care.

Lastly, we've finally got proof that Barbz are the most devoted fans in the world after they created an entire AI-generated city to promote Nicki Minaj's upcoming album.

Twitter: @PopCrave

They're actually pretty cool (and sometimes funny) — I totally want to go there!

Twitter: @5SXTAR

Now for a palate cleanser! We rounded up some enjoyable things from around the internet to make you smile.

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Sip: On Diet Coke with a "coquette" ice cube.

Decorate: With an easy kitchen towel holiday hack.

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Go: Honk shoo.

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