Selena Gomez Just Single-Handedly Brought Back White Nail Polish


It's been a tough year for white nail polish (remember that whole thing with Tom Sandoval?), but its luck is finally starting to turn around: Selena Gomez has officially declared the beloved shade back for party season and the New Year.

The Rare Beauty founder is wearing white nails for the holidays, as shown by celebrity nail artist Tom Bachik's most recent Instagram post. Bachik, who's responsible for showstopping A-list manis like Gomez's VMAs “golden glazed" nails, Jennifer Lopez's tuxedo nails, and Camila Cabello's vintage moon-inspired mani, shared a photo of the winter-white mani on November 28 (meaning he created the look just after Thanksgiving; the official start to festive season).

The mani is a far cry from Gomez's more extravagant styles like vintage floral or pastel Skittles and significantly more subtle than the classic but bold cranberry red she wore just last week when she debuted her new honey blonde hair—it really is as white as white can be. Bachik even captioned the post, “Snow White,” followed by a snowflake and white heart emoji. ’Tis the season, I suppose!

Hear that, OPI Funny Bunny enthusiasts? Your time has finally come (again)…and by the looks of it, will last well into and through 2024. Especially since white nail polish is honestly very quiet-luxury-coded.

While Bachik didn't share the exact products he used to create Gomez's Snow White mani, there are a handful of white nail polish shades one can use to create their own, like Chanel Le Vernis in Insomniaque, Dior Nail Polish Couture Color in Jasmin, and Off White Beauty's Color Matter Nail Polish in Odd. If true white still feels a bit too plain for your taste, try opting for an ivory like Gucci's Cecilia Ivory or topping off your white polish with a chrome or matte finish.

The truth is there's no “right” or “wrong” way to wear white. All that really matters is that white nail polish is back! And for that, we thank Selena Gomez. Shop our picks below.

Chanel Le Vernis: Insomniaque

$32.00, Nordstrom

Dior Nail Polish Couture Color: Jasmin

$30.00, Selfridges

Off White Beauty's Color Matter Nail Polish: Odd

$38.00, Violet Grey

Gucci Glossy Nail Polish: Cecilia Ivory

$35.00, Sephora

Danielle Sinay is the associate beauty editor at Glamour. Follow her on Instagram @daniellesinay.

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