Selena Gomez's Stunned Reaction at the Inter Miami Soccer Game Is a Meme Just Waiting to Happen

*Insert shocked face emoji here*



Last night, the stars descended upon BMO Stadium in Los Angeles for the Inter Miami vs. LAFC game, and of all the celebrities in the stands (Leonardo DiCaprio, Prince Harry, Brooklyn Beckham), Selena Gomez is the one making headlines for her appearance. 

Why, you may ask? Aside from stellar spectator style — which included a white halter top and oversized denim — her facial expressions throughout the game caught the attention of fans everywhere. Not worrying about what she looked like on the jumbo screen, Selena's reactions were genuine and so very relatable — especially during the nail-biting moment when LAFC goalkeeper John McCarthy blocked a close-range shot from Miami's Lionel Messi. 

<p>Selena Gomez Instagram</p>

Selena Gomez Instagram

In a video shared by Major League Soccer on Twitter, Gomez watched intensely as Messi prepared to take his shot. McCarthy ultimately blocked the ball with his body, leaving the singer shocked with her eyes widened and mouth open.

Gomez later shared a photo of her meme-worthy expression, writing "mood" over the image.

<p>Selena Gomez Instagram</p>

Selena Gomez Instagram

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During the game, Selena also sported a black cast on her wrist. Earlier this summer, she broke her hand while tripping on her dress, and had to have surgery. "I wish I had, like, a really cool story that I saved someone's life or something," she said on the Ellen K Morning Show. "I was in a long dress — it was a summer dress — and I was walking from my car to my house and tripped."

Joking about her cast being her new accessory, Selena added, "I guess there is a silver lining, but this is not fun."

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